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Get It Boi
Get It Boi
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One of the hottest around these parts of toledo
Like how we swang
what it do im yung fresh im from Toledo Ohio repin the 419 fa sho im a hip hop artist i rap about all the flashy shit you know the cars clothes how much money i got the hoe and the ice but one thing about me i also keep it 1100 fuck 100% i keep it 1100% that mean i keep it all the way real cause behind all that flashy shit there's a real nigga. so i hope you like what you see and hear from me in the future.
Band/artist history
well it's Me im yung fresh, c blacc, player made, j wizard, and 9/11 da beast but right now im doing something for myself cause my time don't wait on no one and time is money and it's a lot of it out here and i need it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i haven't done any shows yet but they soon to come believe you me they will come .
Your musical influences
everybody from the TOL the rap that i fuck with young jezzy three six mafia jay-z run dmc everybody from the south west and the east
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
shouts out to all my Tol niggaz look out for yo boy YUNG FRESH album comin soon LOOK WHAT YALL STARTED check out some of my mixtapes hitting a block near you .