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Electric Watermelon
Electric Watermelon
4 Tracks
Meet Electric Watermelon, an original indie rock, alt-jam band. E-Dub strives to create that song that everyone can relate to and will be stuck in your head end
Meet Electric Watermelon, WNYs finest original indie rock, alt-jam band. Now fronted by the amazing Chris Eakes, emerging solo artist J.Shaw from Buffalo, NY joined forces with Andy Hasseler, and Mike Richardson to create this original alt-jam/indie-rock band. They strive to create a song that every person can relate to and that song that will be stuck in your head endlessly. With all the reviews they have been receiving they will be sleeping very well at night! With influences ranging from rock to jazz, blues to reggae, E.W. leaves no genre lonely. We invite you to come discover what all this E-dub buzz is about, you will not be disappointed!
Your musical influences
The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Black Crowes, Sublime, Dispatch, Nirvana, Blues Traveler, The Tea Party, Led Zepplin, Blind Melon, Korn, Foo Fighters, The Allman Brothers, Chevelle, so many more I know I'm forgetting... Every song has its own distinct sound ranging anywhere from a new-age Eric Clapton (a song he would have wrote if he was young during this generation) to a "Sublime meets Foo Fighters and hangs out with The Black Crowes."
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