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Mike Lynam
Mike Lynam
1 Track
Christian Acoustic darker ambient dredg
To Break and Fall
Peak in sub-genre #94
Over the past year I've had a desire to write music. Not necessarily to share but just to experiment and see how incredibly hard it is to write music. Well I found out the latter very quickly, and now I know how incredibly hard it is just to write something melody that doesnt sound match up to the music that influences me. I have some different influences as far as the stlye of writing that I use. And by writing and experimenting with different kinds of music I've come to find that I seem to write acoustic best. Probably because it takes just one person, but I dont go for the whole pop side of acoustic music. I'm not sure how I got here but my music could be defined as a darker acoustic sound. It's just the sound I feel fits with the majority of the stuff I write. But I also tend to combine that with the calm melodic sounds of Shawn Mac. all in all, I'm not trying to no record deal or anything lol I'm just sharing what I believe God gave me the ability to do, even though most of the time I want to keep it to myslef. so Enjoy.....or not :)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
not as of now
Your musical influences
Skillet, Old Switchfoot, David Crowder band, Dredg, and Shawn McDonald.