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Mel Hayler 1
Mel Hayler 1
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Writer of electronic/instrumental, keyboard/guitar based progressive music. However, I don't claim to be a "Pianist"/"Guitarist"/"Instrumentalist of any kind!
Angel and Mother
Introduction to your band: Is it just bands then that there are in the music world?
Band/artist history
Jammed on guitar with local musicians for a few years up until April 1974 which was when I joined Astroxia along with Layton Samuel. We both had been planning to form a synth duo until I heard of the band and their ideas which was of interest to me, so I got in touch with them. Things didn't go as well as hoped. I and bass player Layton (which he became during a lineup change) left the band at the end of 1975. We would then just jam together. Recording back then was not an option that was affordable to us. As time went on we drifted apart and I set about concentrating on doing my own thing, namely instrumental/electronic music using synthesizers, keyboards and guitar. I played my only solo performance in 1977 at a pub in Llanelli, Wales called The Cricketers (the bow) which I'm glad to say went down very well. In 1981, I was asked to join the reformation of Astroxia, as it happened, no other ex members were interested, so guitarist/vocalist Andy Tovey and I ended up being a two man version along with a now vintage EKO drum machine, which I still have! Things did not go well for us mainly due to my equipment failure and lack of finance for continual repairs. By spring of 1982 it all fell apart for us. Early summer 1990, I was offered to join Medium Green, a progressive electronic music band from Gorseinon, Swansea. Equipment was supplied, which was a good thing as I was practically gear less at the time! As it turned out, my time with MG only ran for about six months when I quit in December 1990. Since that time I've slowly built up a collection of synthesizers, guitars and recording equipment. Thanks to computers, recording software and the internet, I can at last get my work down and get heard!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have done, with bands and as a solo performer a long time ago now! A very special moment for me was playing as support at The Cricketers (aka "the bow"?) in Llanelli, Wales, UK (1977) I had an amazing reception from a packed pub.
Your musical influences
All genres of music and life itself!
What equipment do you use?
Synthesizers, Keyboards, Samplers, Guitars.....
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