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The PG Phenomenon
The PG Phenomenon
7 Tracks
Positive Rap, Reality Rap
Everybody has a story to tell. Everybody has a way of expressing themselves and I feel this is my way of expressing myself. Adding to the fact that I don't like where hip-hop is today, so rather than complaining about it I'm trying to fix it. Many people say that hip-hop is dead. Well in a sense it is, Rap, which is only one facet of hip-hop, is the one that is dead. That's why I named my album the Revival. Because I hope it brings some resurrection in people's minds, but just like any type of revival, it's a gradual process.
Band/artist history
Well this whole notion to make an album came about in late 2003/early 2004 when I was listening to a lot of music and started realize how much Rap was falling off. I was getting tired of listening to it and I thought that I could make an album that is better than most if not all the industry (I'm so serious when I say that). I knew I had lyrical ability because I have written published poetry so I knew that I had writing ability, it was just a matter of applying that ability to rap with the right delivery, flow, and crafting a whole song. I think I have reached the point where I can put all those things together so here I am!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I haven't had the opportunity to perform yet because I'm currently working on my initial material, but I'm sure there will be opportunities because a lot of people are excited about this project.
Your musical influences
I have so many influences I don't know where to start. I mean one thing I should say is I love underground rap. And also even though I am from the south (Maryland is still the South, read a book if you didn't know that!)I love West Coast music the most. As far as artist I love Nas' ability to paint a picture with a story, I love Xzibit's gutterness in his voice, I love Mos Def, Talib Kweli and Common's political subjects, I love Ice Cube's storytelling and his pyroclastic flow, and I love Devin the Dude's bluntness and ability to portray reality no matter how sad it may sound. If you put all of them together you have me as an artist.
What equipment do you use?
My laptop which contains Fruity Loops as well as some sound programs to help manipulate sounds, and my microphone to help me record my material. As I grow more as an artist my equipment will grow with me.
Anything else?
I'm a self-made artist. I make my own beats, I write my own music, and I'm here to put out good music. If you from the D.C. area support your own. If you aren't, watch out because we are going to be on the map soon, with or without me.
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