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Hardcore, Political, Battle, Street Hiphop
Band/artist history
-Freestyle on Brooke Tha Tech's LP(2003) -Farewell To The Stress Mixtape(T.F.T.S promo/2004 sold out) -Tales From The Sick (2005) -John Cena diss "You Phoney" & "Your Time Is Over"(2005) -"Fuck A Borda" mixtape (U.S/Canadian talent/drops 2006)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Open Mic. Open challenge(battle). Haven't done enough shows. Most memorable moment was being in a tournament battle having all the pressure of being first plus against a member of "Point Blank".
Your musical influences
A few chosen MC's who I grew up on. Hip hop was my first Love but I like variety. If i had to mention only 1 artist I would say LL Cool J because the late 80's is where I started to get pulled in by Rap music. Open minded to other music and have always studied the best. I owe allot to my father who is a music fanatic. I like poetic, hardcore lyrics. I respect any great producer because without a producer your music might never reach the success it deserves. You can be as talented as you want but every great artist needs that extra boost to become #1.
Anything else?
Being underated is the best feeling in the world. People don't know your ability and have no idea what your thinking. The more people tell you that you can't make it the more it drives you to prove them wrong. The odds being against you can work to your benefit or you can give up. In my case it makes me "hungrier". Getting thing's off your chest is the best feeling. Music is therapy..who needs a shrink.