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Dead Poets Society
Dead Poets Society
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Music that is intelligent, emotional, and unconventional. A journey within a world that is Dead Poets Society.
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The music of Dead Poets Society is an emotionally charged gothic/electronic journey through the inner space of the human soul.
Band/artist history
Important dates in Dead Poets Society History --February 19th, 2000 Comprised of misfits cast aside Dead Poets Society is formed. -December 31, 2000 Dead Poets Society's first public performance. 8 songs were performed. 200 people attended. --Jan. 16th 2001 Dead Poets Society release their first track "The Electric Haze". An mp3 was made available on mp3.com --February 1st, 2001 "So Much Beauty" is released. --March 2nd, 2001 "Fire Bolt" is released. --April 9th, 2001 Dead Poets Society's first full length LP THE ELECTRIC HAZE is released. --April 13th, 2001 Dead Poets Society produces and performs at a special benefit concert. --May 16th, 2001 Dead Poets Society's "I dream of Japan", aired on AREA 54 is first track to be heard on the radio airwaves. --June 30th, 2001 Espresso Lingo, a prominent espresso establishment, licenses a special version of 'fire bolt' for new commercial ad campaign. --August 12th, 2001 Dead Poets Society merchandise is first made available. Nationally Syndicated radio program "The Liz Wilde Show" airs select tracks from THE ELECTRIC HAZE. --August 19th, 2001 Dead Poets Society releases their remix of Depeche Mode's "I Feel Loved". The song debuted on AREA 54. --January 8th, 2002 DPS releases the DEPROGRAMMING EP featuring the hit singles "Synners", "Invisible Monsters", and "Ramadan Mirador". February 1st, 2002 Dead Poets Society performs another rare live event, opening for SUGAR & SPICE Motion Picture Soundtrack act The Dragonflies. February 23rd, 2002 Dead Poets Society opens for national KING BLACK ACID at the legendary WOW Hall in Eugene, Oregon, supporting the record release party for KBA's contributions to the motion picture soundtrack of THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES. May 25th, 2002 Dead Poets Society accepts opening summer slot for grammy nominated act SPECTRE VII. Mini tour begins in Portland, Oregon finishes at THE ZEBRA LOUNGE in Boseman, Montana on August 3,4,5. July 4th 2002 Tim Gibson departs from the band. DPS brings in King Stone Dragon founder Eric Drake to perform the rest of their 2002 summer tour with them. December 2002 DPS remixes Minfield's "After the Ball" and "Its Too Late". "Its Too Late" is subsequently chosen for many compilations including Anti-Industry.com and Minefield's own remix album DECOMPOSITION: Re-Inventing Minefield. DPS also announces that they have begun recording for thier second full length album. April 5th, 2003 Rough cut of "Synners" video from their EP DEPROGRAMMING debuts at the 1st annual Parkdale Film Festival, in Parkdale, Washington. July 29th, 2003 Decomposition: Re-Inventing Minefield released. Available at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/minefield3 October 31st,2003 Dead Poets Society remixes completed for acts Collide, Hotboxed, Tears of Technology and ILona. Hotboxed and ILona remixes released.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Tours have been rare, but special. In the past we've performed live primarily in the Northwestern United States. Playing our brand of music live has been an eye-opening experience as each song takes on a transformation, an evolution in the intimacy of a live setting. The experiences have been fun and full of surprises.
Your musical influences
Depeche Mode, Rammstein, The Cure, Gary Numan, Yello, Skinny Puppy, NIN, Ministry, David Bowie, Orbital, Brian Eno, Yello, Eurythmics,Tori Amos, The Cult, Pop Will Eat Itself, U2, The Cars, Queen, Billy Idol, Sting, The Police, Peter Gabriel, Enigma, Devo, Wang Chung(Huang Chung), the Cranberries, Live, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Lords of Acid, The Prodigy, The Cruxshadows, Minefield, Sister Machine Gun and many, many more.
What equipment do you use?
The list is much too vast and ever-changing. It is suffice to say that we follow the adventuring RPG credo which is to "use anything that isn't nailed down.", and even a few things that are. ;-)
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