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Dirrty D
Dirrty D
29 Tracks
Tha Boy Dirrty D a.k.a. Dirrt has been in tha game since 1997 when he was 13 years old. Reppin' Kansas City, Missouri... so hes got that MidWest/Dirrty South F
Dirrty D a.k.a. "Dirrt" started writing lyrics back in 1997 when he was 13, then in 1999 he started to dabble in a lil producing, then soon after in early 2000 Dirrty finally picked up tha mic & hit tha track, after this... he was hooked, recording and writing 24-7, even writing songs at work during lunch breaks... "I Couldn't stop, but that was a good thang ya know" Dirrty says. Later on in 2000 towards 2001 Dirrty created Downtown Recordz along side fellow rap enthusist MiKKeL, but soon after MiKKeL vanished & reportedly returned to Oregon & got locked up. In 2001 Dirrty D's brother BiG T started to collaborate. Ever since then Downtown Recordz & Dirrty D have grown, evolved, and gone threw many changes, with many more to come. Signing and working with many artists like Lil G, C-DUB, Robbie Hood, Douglas Chemicals, & More....
Band/artist history
1997- Starts wrting lyrics at age 13 1998- Put his homie on a track 1999- Started dabblin in a lil ameteur producing 2000- Finally picks up tha mutha fuckin mic 2001- Moves to Seattle/Starts up Downtown Recordz 2002- Continues to throw out albums... 2003- Moves back to KC & meets C-DUB & Robbie Hood is introduced... 2004- Dirrty Drops "From Tha Dirrt" & moves back to Seattle. 2006- Dirrty returns to the studio & starts work on his next album "Addiction"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Never performed live yet, but plan on it vurry soon...Holla @ Me
Your musical influences
LL Cool J, P. Diddy, 2pac, Tech N9ne, Nelly, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eminem, 50 Cent... Myself & Downtown Recordz
What equipment do you use?
Dirrt & his Bwoiz
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