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J C Levy
J C Levy
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Christian Country song writer / singer
Came home from a bar one night depressed and at the lowest point of my life. I told myself as I sat on the end of my bed that if this was all life had to offer that it wasn't worth living. Thankfully at the point and time I was a little to stuck on myself to actually end my life, but the thought had entered my mind. I saw the bible that my father had given me for graduation from college a few months earlier and wondered if the answer was in it. Opened up and started reading. Had a tremendous feeling of conviction come over me. Tears were falling from my eyes like someone had opened up a spicket. I fell and hit my knees and cried up to God that if he would change me right then I would serve His Son for the rest of my life And that is exactly what he did. It was just like he knelt down behind me wrapped a blanket around me and held me in His arms. It was a realy physical sensation and I guess GOD knew that is what I needed at the time because it was then that a peace that is still indiscribable to this day came over me. I lept up from the floor like the entire world had been lifted off of my shoulders feeling like I was a new man. I had heard my brother speak of being born again so I thought this must be what just happened to me. I ran up to his room at 2:30 in the morning, shook him and declared loud enough to wake everyone in mile radius that I had been born again. He looked up at me still asleep and said "That's nice" and closed his eyes. Then they flung open, he jumped out of bed hugged me and lead me in prayer. I've never looked back since. I was so changed by that spectacular night that I couln't pick my guitar up for nearly ten years and play anything other than hyms or just pick around with it. Anytime I tried to sing an old country song, I would be convicted and would just sit my guitar back down and feel miserable. Then while working with the Billy Graham Crusade Ministry I heard Paul Overstreet and my music life changed. I had never heard of Christian Country since the only thing I listened to then was Christian Contemporary music. I started getting the itch to play and write again. This time it was for God. It was very slow going because I had been out of it for so long. About four years ago While I was teaching at a local high school God lead me to start a Praise and Worship band for the "Students for Christ" club which I was sponsoring (about 300 kids). I was like "Are you sure God? I don't know the first thing about this kind of music" 2 1/2 years later God had put together a good band and we traveled all around our area playing at churches etc.. All during this time God was opening my heart up and exposing me to many different Christian Country Artists and I continued to grow vocally and musically. (Still doing that part today) Anyway, I'm now back at a place where God is starting to use the gifts he has given me to perhaps head down a new and exciting path again. I've been writing Christian Country now for about 4 years and have some pretty decent material. Will hopefully have some posted here as soon as finish the COPYWRITE procedure in the next few weeks.
Band/artist history
As an individual singer/songwriter I've been doing my thing though differently since I was 16. It wasn't until I gave my heart to Jesus Christ in July of '92 that what I did changed. Though I started playing and singing Christian Music at that point, I didn't start writing again until about 7 years ago and specifically Christian Country 4 years ago.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I Play and sing at churches,Gospel sings and other venues when possible.
Your musical influences
Paul Overstreet, Randy Travis, Ricky Scaggs, The Issacs and a great friend of mine Jimmy Davis.
What equipment do you use?
- Taylor and Martin/Sigma Guitars - Several different Sound systems - Sure Microphones / head set and anything else I can get my hands on. :)