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R Camizzi
R Camizzi
37 Tracks
Inspiration Christian Hip-Hop/Rap and Soul music
I'm a Baltimore Maryland native. I've been performing live since 1997 with the National Boss League (N.B.L.), while stationed as a U.S. Marine in Japan. I've been producing since 1998. I have one full length Lp (N.B.L. Hardwork's payoff Volume 1), two mixtapes and lots of production credits. I'm looking forward to touring and delivering God's word through Hip Hop all over the world. I'm in the middle of several projects including my first album since converting to Christianity. Look for it in February 2007, "Master of Ceremonies". I love y'all.
Band/artist history
N.B.L. (National Boss League) is my original crew. My people respect my change and are supportive. If God wills it, we will all be back on stage together doing it my way...God's way.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love playing live and I'm an interactive performer. I love connecting with my audience. Every moment of performance is special to me. I recently started performing in churches. It's good to see sceptics accepting the new and creative ways the lord is using his servants. Some say rap is the devil. This is why I keep the devil so far from my work. I want people to see how God takes out of the hands of evil and makes them work to the good of himself.
Your musical influences
I really like 60s music. I love to hear multi-part harmony. I also love neo-soul music and well put together hip-hop. Right now I listen to Gospel alot to gain more influence for my current projects.
What equipment do you use?
Motif, MPC, Reason, Adobe Audition etc,. I use a lot of things. I like to keep the fun and creativity alive.
Anything else?
Greetings and blessings. I am offering my assistsance to artists who are in need of music or song lyrics. My sole purpose is to glorify God and have fun doing it. I move in positivity and I am looking forward to expanding my circle of friends and colleagues. I love all,of y'all man.
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