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Mr Showtime
Mr Showtime
171 Tracks
Hip Hop south west trap musik
Let's Be Single Together
Peak in sub-genre #98
Show Luv (F/ Cryptic Wisdom)
I Used To Say...F*** You
Hello world. Its Mr Showtime together with Yung Tek (soundclick.com/tekneek02) we are the Royalty. We Have always had an ear for music and about 6 years ago we started freestyling all the time. Then we started battling anytime we could especially at parties lol. So then the next step was making songs... after our first we were like hey were not to bad so we have kept it going and have come in to our own as writers, rappers, and my singing. I hope u enjoy it.
Band/artist history
Me And Tekneek And ConFused grew up together and Tekneek and i always had an ear for music so we started flowin all the time drunkin freestyles rule
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I We use to just mostly freestyle at parties. This one time we drove out to some water tanks in the dessert wasted with some friends and battled each other for like an hour.. who won? well i cant recall
Your musical influences
simply just good music. growing up people like pac biggie eminem p diddy mase . and everything from pop to rock to country. just good stories and lyrical content thats not crap like some of the SIGNED artists put out why?
What equipment do you use?
USB Condesor mic with the blue glow in the middle real tight ish i gotta say
Anything else?
This is to anyone reading this.....Thank YOU! its crazy to me that someone from anywhere can listen to what we did. thanks for just taking the time to hear it really. ITs crazy right now we just got to 22 on the pop charts with "U Make Me Smile" thanks to everone who listened and keeps listening
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