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Song originally composed by Ron Chiappari, inspired by scripture, & testimony.
I have always had a free download approach to sharing this material; and that will stay true, throughout... Thank you for listening, God Bless...
Band/artist history
I have been a christian pushing three decade, and I started writing spiritual songs almost immediately after starting that journey; I presently have penned 50+ compositions, during that time, in Christ Jesus. I felt strongly compelled to start playing those former song in public, I've trying to get them recorded in some fashion, and shared hear with a greater public, as well those of faith in Christ, a "web music ministry" of sorts. So praises to God Almighty!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Music continues to be a strong part of my days, playing instruments daily, accounting a lifetime of songs (see below), and memories; it is apart of my spirituality, as the word holds the reigns, tugging on my heartstrings.
Your musical influences
Lots of secular bands have had an influence on me in the past 58 years of my life, as one that was exposed musically to pop, rock, folk, & even a little country & classical; in the past I think Jackson Browne, Neil Young, the Birds, Beatles, James Taylor, Dylan, and the Eagles have most influenced me musically and stylistically, but I now give all praise and glory to those influences of my Savior, Master, & Lord, Jesus Christ.
What equipment do you use?
Pretty nil except for guitars
Anything else?
Php 4:5; 1Th 4:16-18; Re 22:20; 2Pe 3:14; 1Th 5:22-24; Jas 5:8... Thank you for listening, God Bless...
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