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Greased Mongoose
Greased Mongoose
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Never doubt the Mongoose
Meet Greased Mongoose, the band that may show up, knock, knock, knockin at your front door, offering fish stories, unsolicited rants about world affairs, and full-on, over the top, in your face, rock and roll. The Line-up Rico "nad" Hayes, a fine guitar picker and mongoose racer of some ill repute, quickly becoming known as the biggest left-handed gear slut west of the Clackamas river. David "cbell" Teresi, former drummer for the infamous "Bad Monkey Trio" has eschewed that outfit"s bombastic style and opted for the more heady, ambient vibe of the Mongoose. David moonlights as a top-notch Fender guitar case artist. Mike "Mr. Fantasy" Feeny, that would be me. Failing at my chosen profession of "goat roper", and never one to pass up ambience of the "monkey" variety, I remain the unwitting stooge (read bass player) to the aforementioned desperados. God have mercy on the judgment day.
Band/artist history
Check us out at http://www.trahx.com/Mongoose1.html
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play regularly at the Mongoose Lounge. The band has been known to leave the lair occasionally to entertain fair maidens and burly naer-do-wells.
Your musical influences
Jimi, Stones, Trower, Zappa, Firesign Theatre, Bonzo Dog Band.
What equipment do you use?
Roy Rogers special edition rubber band guitar, Sears "Wonder Chord" Organ, Commodore 64
Anything else?
Anything?????? These 2 mongooses walk into a bar........
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