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Eternal Blaze (On Da Rock Productions)
Eternal Blaze (On Da Rock Productions)
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Eternal Blaze comes from the Central Valley, striving through the hustle game of selling to gang members and fiends; overcoming depression and multiple suicide
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01 Last Words Eternal Blaze
The whole On Da Rock family hails from Cutler Apostolic Church in Cutler, California. We all met there from back in the day. There was 2 different groups that have produced music. There was S.O.T. which had two performing artists and C.B.2(squared) which had 3. Through time they all went their own ways to find themselves but through God, I'm still standing. So in the mindset of the groups that have left, I set this up to spread out the gospel of JESUS CHRIST. Because we, being the youth of the times, we wanna express and show that there is a better way of life. Just know that there is a place to go in your time of need. And that's On Da Rock of JESUS CHRIST!!!
Band/artist history
Well, since it seems to be that I'm the last man standing. My testimony goes a long way back. Back in school, my family wasn't the most wealthiest so I decided make my own green. I started to hustle and sell whatever I could sell I did. I was the brains of the operation in our crew. Through all that my dad had gotten sick, and was on his death bed. The doctors all said to say our last respects and prepare for the worst but God had other plans. The next day he got out of the bed and made a miraculous recovery. Within a month they started to visit a small church in Cutler, California. And one night, God moved in me and sent a fire through my body and changed me instantly. From there on, it was God and I. And one day while with my friends we ended up at a park at the right moment to listen to a christian rapper named Joshua 1:9. That started a chain reaction. We made a Group called Converted By Blood. Soon after followed On Da Rock. When they all went separate ways to find themselves, I pushed forward. So far, God has blessed me with 4 mixtapes and they have all elevated to a whole new level. And I know God's not done yet. Stay Blessed.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We do play live on certain occassions. Every year we have what we call "Holy Bounce Nite" and there we all come together and perform. We also perform where-ever we get invited to. We all love to perform because we get the chance to tell people face to face through our rhymes our side of life and the better way of life.
Your musical influences
We are a mix of all types. Christian rap has influenced us a lot. T-Bone, L.G. Wise, F.T.F., Prime Minister, Bingo, Holy Hip-Hop, and many others.
What equipment do you use?
We may not have the best equiptment on the block but a Tascam tape recorder hooked up to a pc with Magix has our production program. Now I've upgraded to a Mac laptop and using GarageBand. Thank You Jesus.
Anything else?
We just wanna give a shot out to all out there who may not know us and those who do. Because we're just so blessed to do what we do that we wanna do what we can for the Lord. If any young upcoming or even a veteran to the christian hip-hop scene wants to collab just let us know. Feel free to drop a line. 1 luv. God Bless
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