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The Woodies
The Woodies
Englewood, CO  USA
May 29, 2003
9,740 plays
A collaboration of southern influenced rhythm & bluegrass-adelic-country-folk-rock, The Woodies offer a unique blend of original, adding new flair to classic as well as new blues/rock tunes to venues ranging from The Little Bear, "Hermans Hideaway", "The Buffalo Rose", to quaint caf├ęs. The Woodies band was formed out of the ashes of the kindred spirit in 1991, when John Lister and Paul Preziosi were first introduced. The two amazingly compatible guitarists met on a regular basis by saying Lets get our woodies and play. This became the most logical answer when asked, while guest appearing on stage, Who are you guys?...The Woodies In a studio in Englewood Colorado, The Woodies originally consisted of Matt, Theo, John and Paul. Down the road members changed. In 1993 Mike Engle, who worked with Paul, was introduced to the band. He has been mixing sound, adding character as well as humor, playing bass, and singing ever since. In the same year while auditioning drummers, found the backbone of The Woodies, Rick Bradeen. After witnessing him behind the drums, John asked him point blank, What are you doing with the rest of your life? The Woodies 1st album, No Goin Back, was released in March of 1998. Amazing musical talents in keyboard, mandolin as well as countless other instruments on this album is noneother than Robert Bradeen, Ricks brother who joined The Woodies in 1993. In May of 2002, The Woodies were introduced to Shannon Stapleton. Although originally, she was to be a guest singer, due to her friend and co-worker,her vocals, stage presence and persistence have made her a Woodie. The Woodies are currently printing our NEW CD! Look for our CD release party this summer!
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