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Scott Kroeker
July 04, 2006
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Why do I play guitar and write music? No not to be a "rockstar" LOL. I do it because I am passionate about my music. To me, sheer speed and technique doesn't mean much if there are no grooves and melodies to back it up. I think that is why there are a lot of very technically talented guitarists out there with jaw dropping albums but what is the replay value? For years I wanted to put out a solo, guitar driven, album and thought it was going to be an all out shred fest. I guess you could say my music tastes matured and I saw the light. Groove and melody are what gets me going now. This album, Fata Morgana, strongly focuses on grooves and melodies. I am very proud of how it has all turned out and has really pushed my playing to a different level. Almost a 90 degree turn you could say. When people listen to my album, I want them to get taken away by the grooves and melodies and not get distracted by mind boggling technical rhythms and lead passages. My style is definitely a melding of my many influences. Most of which are not mainstream artists. What is my ultimate goal? That is easy, make music for a living. Not be a "rockstar" just a decent living. Anything more then that is a bonus in my books. I don;t have much respect for many of today's 'cookie cutter' artists. Seams like every other band on the radio, now a days, sounds like every other band on the radio. YAY! How exciting. It seams like main stream music is not about music but, rather, how much money the record company can make. This is one of the biggest reasons I would like to stay an independent artist or signed up with a small indy label. Keeping true to my passion and my music is the foundation to who I am. I have nothing but respect for all other artists who are true to the music, regardless of genre. That being said, I hope you enjoy what you hear and look forward to reading your comments.
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