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Hungarian electronic music band with two great musicians.
Artcore is a Hungarian electro-music band, which totally not accepts the popular dumb-dance music (especially the Hungarian Dancemix Deejays). Modern Hungarian dance tracks are similar to each other: bell effects, hideous lyrics (ONLY female vocals), and most of them are cover songs of successful classic Hungarian rock bands. But it could be worse: singing Playmates or DJ-Playmates. It could be even worse than emo.
Band/artist history
The story started in 2001, when Mayer vp and DBS (formerly Daniel D, but he changed his nickname becuse another artist had the same name) got the inspiration of making music. In this year, a band founded with the name of Seven At Work. That was a "collection" of their friends who have musical inspirations. The project was not so succesful, but only ended in 2004, when all the band members left the band except Mayer vp and DBS. They wanted to continue the work, but for this, they needed to found a new band, get a great music software, and finally, a great website to publish their tracks. That was the beginning of Artcore. The first single (Izba Izba) became popular, although it wasn't so good (but it was very funny). In February 2005, the first compilation released, that was the album Technomókus (in English: Techno-Squirrel). After that, the squirrel became the band's trademark until 2006, when it changed with a simple sentence: Music For The Best. In 2007, they released a very good album (Artcore 5) and announced their new trademarks: the locust with slogan "Miskolc Instrumental Power". In this year, they realized the popularity of jumpstyle songs. Because Mayer vp always liked harder styles, Artcore changed its style to an interesting jumpstyle-hard trance mixture. The result: a hard album called "Jump To It!" in late 2008. This style continued on the next album "It Will Be More Power", but in 2010 they released a more classical album, "Infinity". They changed their logo again (for the old one). From that, their success began to fade away, as heard on "The Experimental Album" in 2011. But they made a great comeback in 2012, with four strong singles and an album: "Action, Reaction, Satisfaction". After that, they went for a short break, before the return in 2014.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No. Our style is so special that none of the Hungarian popular clubs wants to play our tracks (because the crowd likes pop-music much more :P). But we do some mixing of course.
Your musical influences
Scooter, Mario Ranieri, Rob Mayth, Paul Oakenfold, DJ Furax, Hyperspace, Sensation, and some Ministry Of Sound artists.
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio, VSTi plug-ins, Sound Forge, sample packs, and a synthetizer.
Anything else?
We never gonna stop.
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