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Russell Stover
Russell Stover
2 Top 100
2 Tracks
Country, Rock, I Love To Play Them All
You Shine The Dimaond In your Ring
Peak position #94
Brothers In The Field
Peak position #91
Russell Stover Has A Great Singing Voice And Is Working On Getting Signed Or To Play In More Gigs Soon We Have Been Woring Hard To Get His Recordings Done Check Him Out
Band/artist history
I've been in music all my life. After years of playing part time I finaly took it full time.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, I play all over Oklahoma. I do some out of state gigs too,Mainly Texas. I play bars and restaurants. Every moment on stage is special. One nite I got to play with Almost Willie, a Willie Nelson impersonator. Man that guy is good. The most special moments in the past year or so have been the millitary people at my shows who have just returned home from Iraq. They are all so humble about the job they do yet they make like I'm so great for what I do. I'll nevr understand that. I'm just greatful to be a part of there welcome home parties.
Your musical influences
Skynard,Tracy Lawrence,Travis Tritt,Bob Seger,Dolby Gray and lotts more.
What equipment do you use?
All Types, It depends on the job. But You can bet I'll be packin' my Martin with me every time.
Anything else?
The music I'm uploading are all demo cuts. I'm currently working on my first cd. So stay tuned, there's a lot more on the way.