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An eclectic mix of rock, folk and country, seasoned with a touch of Christian.
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Must Be That Love
A different kind of Rock. This song has a neat riff to it, and Bobby Scumaci nails the keyboards, making an interesting/fun lead section - not to mention the excellent keywork throughout the song.
Jump in to Your Lace
Happy Blues.... Another good interpretation and keys, by Bobby Scumaci, of one of my songs.
I thought I saw you
Real good soft-rock song. Produced by Bobby Scumaci.
Guns, God and Love (Highway of Life)
Seems like there are groups of people out there intent on taking away my gun, as they outlaw my God, and have no clue about my love.......I have a dream, too.....and it includes you, if you include me.....and we'll all get there together.
Don't Tread On Me
We're living in some crazy times.....Who's fooling you? Lead Guitar:: Ryan Kibler
I'm a songwriter. Each song has its own unique sound and style. Take a listen. You might even like a couple of them, so it'll be worth your time.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've played live a few times in churches and coffee houses and, while I enjoy it, I'm more just a songwriter, and my "dream" is just to be able to sell some songs that might make it a tad ways up the charts. I have enough material for a few albumns and while it'd be neat to do an albumn as the artist, I just don't feel my talents are up there enough.
Your musical influences
Biggest influences would be: "Pink Floyd" and "Simon and Garfunkle" and everything in between and outside a touch. All Classic rock and Folk rock, mostly. I've also been influenced by Christian worship/praise music, both traditional hymns and modern Christian music.
What equipment do you use?
An Ovation Elite guitar and a Peavey eCoustic-112 amp. Decent enough setup for church, coffee house and backyard barbecue.
Anything else?
"In our thirst for Freedom, let us not drink from the cup of bitterness and hatred" Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. "I have a dream, too.......and it includes you, if you include me.....and we'll ALL get there together......." JoJoJams
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