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Robert Fowler's Digital Chemistry
Robert Fowler's Digital Chemistry
Des Moines, WA  USA
July 03, 2006
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Robert is an amazing guitarist, and multi instrumentalist, from the Kent Valley, Kent Washington USA. A natural musician, with a trained ear, and almost perfect memory for melody, Robert got his start in the early 70's when he was given his first guitar. He spent the next 10 years playing primarily the acoustic guitar, taking classical guitar lessons, learning by fakebook, and by ear. Picking up the electric guitar in the early 80's, he soon gravitated to playing in a host of cover bands In the local and regional area, and spent the majority of 20 years playing an average of 100, 4 hour, shows a year. He soon garnered a reputation of being one of the areas finest guitarists, and had stints as a bassist, and on call, studio, and live musician. During that time, he would meet a top flight live, and studio engineer, who set him on the path to becoming an original artist. Laboring with the first generation recording software and the unreliable hardware, he taught himself the basics of digital recording, editing, and mastering, while also applying his knowledge of mic techniques, and started recording. Since that time he has completed 7 full length releases, under several monikers, numerous demos and once offs recordings, has been published twice, and has performed most of the material live to rave reviews. To this date, Robert continues to perform with several projects, both cover, and original, do studio work, and write for his next instrumental release. Robert is currently looking / working towards a full time touring situation, as sideman, or bandleader, and will entertain any legitimate offers. 206 327 2452 pst
Band/artist history
Robert has played the guitar for 40 years, and been a live touring guitarist/ bassist/ vocalist for 27 years. A studio owner since 98, Robert is a self taught recording engineer and producer with close to 300 recorded original, and covered, songs. He is a prolific writer, and consummate studio artist. He has released 7 records, released under several different monikers, done numerous demos, and hire-in recording sessions. Robert Fowler's Digital Chemistry has survived 4 name changes, and 3 differing line-ups, in its 7 year history. Currently he has Cliff Peddicord on bass, and Glenn Strom on drums. Before RFDC, he was primary writer, and guitarist for: Scarecrow Messiah, Nobleship, Synsyn, and the plethora of once off demos he produced. He has been a part of the local cover band community for close to 27 years, and did long term stints with: The Tommyknockers, Funhouse, Boneyard, Soul Stripper (acdc tribute), Anthem (rush tribute), SVJ, and currently is doing once off gigs as a highly regarded sideman, writing for, and playing with his namesake, gigging with The Body Electric - a tribute to RUSH, and playing original Americana for 0dark30. He also gives private lessons on classical music theory, scales and modes, solo theory and construction, and making improvisation "musical".
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have played in one of many cover, tribute, or original bands for the last 25 years. As of this date, I am leading my own band, am featured guitarist for TBE / THE BODY ELECTRIC - a tribute to RUSH, and an ongoing member of the musical collective knows as 0Dark30. I continue to also do studio dates, and write for my next full length release. Of course, I LOVE TO PLAY LIVE... I have experienced the limelight, and the look in my audiences eyes when I perform is, priceless.
Your musical influences
60s and 70s pop, jazz rock, fusion, early metal, instrumental guitarists of all ages, classical - especially Bach. Guitarists too numerous examples to mention. Rock, Prog, Jazz, Metal, Pop...in a blender on high....chilled... and enjoyed measurably...
What equipment do you use?
Ibanez AS80 lawsuit es335 clone PRS DC Custom PRS Single Cut Jackson Soloist Ibanez RG 350 Sabre Fender Japanese Afinity Statocaster G&L Tribute Stratocaster Gibson L6S Yamaha Silent Acoustic Yamaha Student Dreadnaught Ibanez Artwood Elec/ Acoustic Gracie acoustic guitar performance stand Rocktron, Line 6, Fender amps LOPO 2x12 cabs Morley Wha and Vol. Lots of di, cables, etc... 9-42 Dunlop strings 1mm Dunlop tortex picks.
Anything else?
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