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Attention Is Demanded Sometimes
Attention Is Demanded Sometimes
3 Tracks
A Hip-Hop, R&B and Reggae Compilation Album that support the Cause AIDS cause. 25% of profit goes to AIDS foundation. Help us spread the word.
Party off
Peak in sub-genre #19
Krazy feat Nicole & Desirre
Why is it so hard for individuals to face the fact of being infected with HIV/AIDS? Or why does society place such a BLACK cloud over anyone who admits to having, or thinks they are infected with the HIV Virus. Why? Why not step forward to help individuals with HIV/AIDS lead a healthy life? Living with HIV/AIDS is more than promising today than it was 25 years ago, when one had to prepare for death if they tested positive. "Attention Is Demanded Sometimes" is all about the cause: helping others get tested or treated for the deadly disease. How will this be accomplished? Terrelonge Recordings (http://www.tr-music.com) has put together a never before heard Album of Hip-Hop, R&B and Reggae with 14 exceptional artists. 25% of all the profits will be donated to help with the cause. The process took Terrelonge Recordings two years to get the artists, music, and team to create this awareness album. The artist roster is as follows: Omeil (The princess of reggae with Billboard Spots under her belt), Frassman (National Radio Play Advocate that writes for Lexus, Vybze Cartel and others), Mysterious (The Sensational root reggae voice that has worked with Grammy winning producers for the track on this compilation), Twiin Touch, (The well known Jersey Underground Hip-Hop Artist) Victorious/T-Huny, (The New comer who identifies herself as the victorious one) Black Majik (The Chicago Hip-Hop artist who gained tremendous footage in the South and Mid West), Niccolo Bondz, (Currently under the universal umbrella who joined us to make this project exceptional with his song Getto Boy), Clievo (The New Face of Reggae with his hit single Party off that is taking over the Island and soon Worldwide), INF (Inspirational group who sees hip-hop as a place to spread a positive light on whats going in our society) Colie (The Hip Hop artist that manages to stay true to his craft and obtain national radio play all at the same time and interviewing with the queen of radio Wendy Williams), Posh (The voice that assisted Omeil in reaching heaving rotation with her soulful song), Daddy Slim (Rated as one of the best artists in Jamaica and very well might be the next big artist on the reggae dancehall charts), K-D-N (R& B Signer whos voice will remind you of a Sisco/Usher mix) and Geronimo Chief (The Underground artist that has manged to move 35,000 units without a major label behind his project). With this exceptional roster we anticipate moving a minimum of 50,000 units so we are able to donate a minimum of $75,000 to organizations that will assist in giving inner city youths testing and provide awareness for the deadly disease HIV/AIDS. You can View Omeils Video for "Strive" on Ifilm (http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2734114) and write your comments. This song represents the world we live in! Every click matters. Over the next two years you will see heavy placement for the sole purpose of educating youths to what is going on within their communities. Our primary focus is minorities although it's not limited. The reason for this focus, is that recent studies indicate that many more minorities gets HIV/AIDS because of limited education on the disease and ignorance of not using protecting during sexual activities. Based on the website: http://education.bowiestate.edu/mmhp/?page_id=17 "AIDS is among the top three causes of death for African-American men ages 25 to 54. Furthermore, males accounts for the largest proportion (81%) of AIDS cases reported among Hispanics in the United States. AIDS is a chronic life threatening sexually transmitted disease caused by HIV." The best methods for the prevention of HIV/AIDS is using protection during sexual activities, having a no sex policy, or before you have sex, both you and your partner get tested. Terrelonge Recordings (http://www.tr-music.com) goal is to enforce the message that using protection for sexual activities will assist in having a long and healthy life. We will also enforce the issue that all youths that are sexually involved should get tested regularly. Terrelonge Recordings (http://www.tr-msuic.com) is only a small voice in this estimated world of 5 billion people; we need your help to spread the message. How can you help? Buy the album (Attention Is Demand Sometimes), Get Educated, and Help in your community. Attention Is Demanded Sometimes will be in stores August 8, 2006, you can pre-order the album by visiting " http://www.tr-music.com" You can also contact Terrelonge Recordings if you would like to help, but don't know how to do so. You can email us at contactus@tr-music.com .
Band/artist history
Just a compilation that took 2 years to complete to help inner city youths get educated on what's going with HIV/AIDS in their community.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. When the Audience Know your music and support the cause of what we are doing.
What equipment do you use?
The question would be, what don't we use
Anything else?
Support the record because 25% off all profit is being donated to a AIDS organization.
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