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Jo Young
Jo Young
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Female singer songwriter story telling about life, love, politics, childbirth, babies, PND, sex and all that jazz.
I write and play what I hear in my head (some people say you are crazy if you hear things in your head!) I am not perfect or outrageously talented but I try to make the best music I can. If something I have written makes you feel something then I feel that I am a successful music artist! I cannot be bothered writing a heap of hype. Suck it and see!
Band/artist history
I taught myself to play little brown jug on my dad's ukelele when I was 10. I started singing and writing songs because I loved doing it even though it seemed that everyone thought I sucked at it, hard work always pays off and its been a long time since anyone covered their ears when I sing! I've played in a couple of bands - one of which is called Tane who are a Celtic fusion band. I played solo shows of covers in the National Hotel in Fremantle and then started performing and recording my own material when I met Terry Brogan who enouraged me to listen to my own muse. Then I met Latis and he helped me record the music you can hear on this site. I am recording some more stuff at the moment at the studio of my friend Peter Lane but progress is slow because I have two little children and time for music is scarce - but that's ok with me! I'm currently living in Ireland and collaborating with Gene Crosby (piano).
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Sometimes - not much at the moment as I have dos ninos pequenos. I love to play live as I am a complete attention seeker!
Your musical influences
Tracy Chapman, Dido, Penelope Swales, Mary Black, Nanci Griffith
What equipment do you use?
My beautiful Lowden F35, a rode S1 and me!
Anything else?
I could not have recorded any of this without the brilliant assistance of Latis (Panayiotis Lati)
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