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Kick in the Pants
Kick in the Pants
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Kick in the Pants, KITP, SKA, PUNK, manassas, virginia, VA, Skater, emo, pop-punk
Seed (Sublime)
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I Wanna Be Japanese
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Peak position #13
Cop Abuse (old version)
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Fifteen (back when we were little)
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Ska/punk with a twist of sexyness, and you get Kick In The Pants.
Band/artist history
Formed back in 2001 as Skanadian Bacon, the original 10 members went there seperate ways, as there was no room for them all in one basement, and none of them would ever play their instruments. The three remaining members (Nick, Guitar/vocals; Derek, Drums; and Patrick, Keyboard/Musical incentive.) enlisted the help of Ben (guitar) and JP (bass), who's decision to play bass was decided in a heated and exciting coin toss. The loser, JP was to play bass for the band, but was later extrecated after a "scandal" with the band's money (as declared by JP it was his money, but by Ben that it was his, very confusing and elaborate so make up something here), and the fact he had never played bass before, nor had a bass to begin with. With the company of Steve (Bass) and the "removal" of Patrick (as he neither quit nor was kicked out) the four piece was to play numerous shows until creative differences seperated Derek from the band. Then we came across nate who was removed from the band and now we have Kyle as our drummer.Then Ben quit so we got Derek. And now everything is peachy. So be on a look out for Kick In The Pants to rape a neighboorhood near you!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah..we will pretty much play anything. Its what being in a band is all about; getting on stage in front of people and having a good time..i can think of countless good time we have had playing shows but the best shows are the ones where everyone is singing along and they know all the lyrics.
Your musical influences
Alot of influences..mostly bands like operation ivy..and a bit of metal.
What equipment do you use?
We play all of our music..merely with our bodily functions.
Anything else?
Nick - Guitar/Lead Vocals Steve - Bass/Backing Vocals D-$ - Guitar Kyle - Drums
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