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Gangster Computer God
Portland, OR  USA
June 29, 2006
3,558 plays
This is art music; compositions and tonal situations which lend themselves to reflection and exploration in the fullest sense. The goal is to portray a wide range of experiences, emotions, palettes, styles, or movements, and to do so exquisitely. Frustration, confusion, boredom, and fear are responses just as valid as joy, catharsis, and ecstacy: The listener's response is always legitimate.
Band/artist history
I am a multi-instrumentalist with a focus on drums, piano, digital synthesis, electric guitar, and electronic musical production. Electronics theoretically allow for the production of any and all possible sounds and the manifestation of whatever musical ideas one can conceive, and that is what Gangster Computer God is about. I have produced over 360 compositions, some are variations, some are in collaboration with one or more artist, and the material available on this soundclick page represents merely the tip of the iceberg of a strange, esoteric and vast techno-mystical library.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Gangster Computer God has shared billings with a variety of noise, ambient, glitch-hop, hip-hop and avant-garde artists including R/D, Runar Magnusson, Noah D, and Pulse Emitter, as well as scored several short and mid-length theatrical productions. I enjoy playing live, I challenge myself to produce a different set for every performance, trying to constantly innovate, hone and build on what came before. There have been many special moments, like when I made a standing wave wobble the concert hall so much it shook metal beams off the walls, or the time a fire marshal came and shut down the venue for good during my performance, or the flaming bicycles that other time....
Your musical influences
I would like to believe that often this music sounds like no one else in particular, however I am not interested in the pure isolation such an ideal demands. In fact, I have many influences, which include computers, Claude Debussy, Jimi Hendrix, Aphex Twin, gamelan, the Grateful Dead, trance music, modems, John Cage, Muslimgauze, Kevin Fiske, J.S. Bach, Squarepusher, Acinonyx, echoes, Future Sound of London, Venetian Snares, classical Indian ragas, Susato, Josquin, Umphrey's McGee, Particle, Darvishkhan, Turkish Audio Society, Ifsh, Boards of Canada, u-ziq, and others.
What equipment do you use?
Whatever I can get my hands on, but primarily I use a Korg Triton synthesizer and laptop-based audio-editing software.
On playlists
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It has Begun.
Gangster Computer God - I'm listening to the tracks on your page - and giving a review Hexachromatic - This beat is intense techno - i enjoy the voices in the beat - Nice and short - but it's effective Come Back To Me - This track has a good build up - it's nice and gradual - could be used by an artist like Jimmy Eat World modbeat-c - This beat is crazzy - reminds me of M.I.A - she'd kill this track - Also possibly Linkin Park Time Out For Steven - very haunting - horror movie soundtrack type of beat - I like it - Hypnobeat - Reminds me of being at the beat - sounds similar to a wavy day by the water - When the music get's going its intense - like a heart beat - reminds me of a person being chased - again - would make good horror movie music (It's starting to cause panic - I have to change it) Ante Up Reflex - Very nice - more of a visible flow in this beat - Would make good rave music -
Hey folks! Let me know what you think of the tunes. If you have any suggestions or criticism, I'd really appreciate that too. You can also email me at gangstercomputergod@gmail.com for further information about new songs, releases, or upcoming performances.
Portland, OR  USA
June 29, 2006
3,558 plays