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Shawna LaRee
Shawna LaRee
5 Tracks
I'm definitely more of a rocker than anything else. I do a few blues tunes and some with a country flavor, but what I write is mostly rock oriented.
Hard Hearted Hannah
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Black and Blue
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Symptoms of the Blues
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In My Dreams
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One More Try
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Hi! First, thanks for checking out the music. This is all original music, the majority of it written by me. I had the opportunity to record with some incredible musicians including Craig Wetz on his 6 string fretless bass, Speedy West,Jr. on lead guitar, Otis Watkins, David Short, and many other seasoned players who donated their time and talent to my project at Terry McCann's "Nightflyer Studio" in Okc. Like most players, I continue to do this because I can't NOT do it!! I perform regularly with Craig Wetz as part of an acoustic duo, with him on the upright bass and me on the acoustic electric. I also perform most Sundays at Okc's legendary "Blues Saloon" jam with everyone from Scott Keeton to Speedy West,Jr. and other fabulous musicians who stop in. It's a real thrill to see people dancing and singing the words to songs that I wrote. I am grateful and appreciative to all of the players who have believed in and supported me through the years. You guys kept me going and I love you all...you know who you are! In the end, I dedicate all that I do to my Number 1 fan, my Mother, my friend..Leona.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've had some very memorable moments as a singer/player, but one of the best occured recently at the "Blues Saloon" Sunday jam. As I was beginning the last song of my set, an original called "Black and Blue," Scott Keeton stepped on stage. I asked if he was going to pick some lead with me and he joked that it would have to be air guitar as we had only one guitar amp on stage at the time. So I started the song, and about the time a lead break was approaching, I felt someone behind me, then looked down to see a pair of hands with a pick in the right one sliding around my waist. I instinctively let go of the chord at the moment Scott Keeton started ripping off a lead... the house came down!! I picked up the chord without missing a beat. When it was time for the next lead, I nodded at Scott, who again scooted up behind me, wrapped his arms around my waist, and pulled off another scorching lead. At the end of the song, I told Scott to "take it home," at which point he stepped up behing me again and delighted the packed house with his playing and his prowess. Playing slide with a beer bottle is one thing, but stepping up behind an unsuspecting singer/player and pulling off those leads is in a different category altogether. Thanks, Scott Keeton, for being my hero! My pretty, white Tele has never sounded so good!
Your musical influences
My stongest personal influences over the years have been Chrissy Hind, Stevie Nicks, Paul Rogers, and Tina Turner to name just a few. I'm also a big fan of the "Baby Animals" and "divinyls," though I listen to everything from Johnny Cash to Miles Davis and Django Rinehardt.
What equipment do you use?
In my acoustic show, I use a 25th anniversary Alvarez acoustic electric, which is a black cutaway design with abalone inlay. For electric shows, I use my new Arctic White Fender Telecaster with a white mother of peart pickguard. My amp is a Fender Stage 1000. Thanks Craig!
Anything else?
Thanks again to all the players for your love and support. I couldn't do it without you! A very special, heartfelt and loving "Thank-You" to Terry "Big Daddy" McCann for his love, support and studio time.
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