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Satan's Basement
Satan's Basement
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Satan's Basement: More Underground Than The Mole People. Experimental Extreme Metal project. Sludge, death, doom, hardcore,
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Satan's Basement - More underground than the mole people. Never setting limitations, it's often difficult to fit Satan's Basement into a single genre. The easiest way to classify it is to call it Experimental Extreme Metal.
Band/artist history
It was 2005/2006, my band The Violent Sheep had fallen apart, and I had given up on forming a band at that point. Everything started out on crappy equipment, never really tried to make my sound a specific subgenre, I just tried to make heavy music and write whatever I feel like. Discography: 2006 - Sludge Filled Wasteland 2007 - Cerebral Apocalypse 2008 - Rats in Satan's Cellar: Satan's Basement and Morgue Rat split CDR
Have you performed in front of an audience?
When I started off in 2005/2006 I played a show at my high school twice, and neither went too well. I yelled "FUCK" really loud when I screwed up, kept forgetting where I was in the song, and since this was back when I was in high school, it's surprising I never got in any trouble. I didn't realize how clearly you could hear the word "shit" through their P.A. system. I'm apparently the reason my school stopped having "Trunk Full of Funk," which was basically just a collection of crappy high school bands playing open mic night. I didn't play live again until 2011, and that show was great. Since then I've decided to plan shows kind of sporadically.
Your musical influences
There have been a lot over the years, and the list is always changing, but to name a few, Bolt Thrower, Cavity, Nihilist, His Hero is Gone, Assuck, D.R.I., Human Remains, Gorement, Autopsy, Bathory, Brainoil, Morbid Angel, Sloth, Floor, Terrorizer, Iron Monkey, Noothgrush, Pentagram, Viking Crown, Motorhead, Repulsion, Drawn and Quartered, Immolation, Cianide, 3D House of Beef, Bitchslicer, El Dopa, Aldebaran, Black Queen, Earth, Benumb, Suffocation, Iron Lung, Deep Purple, Darkthrone, YDI, Extreme Noise Terror, Loudness, Seikima-II, Dismember, Entombed, Eyehategod, Slayer, Black Sabbath, Sepultura, Grief, Morpheus Descends, Spazz, The Chasm, Seance, Acid Bath, Black Flag, Downlord, Benediction, Disembowelment, Carnivore, and many other bands. I just don't want to keep the list going too long.
What equipment do you use?
2005-2008: Danelectro Innuendo guitar, Fender Frontman amp, and whatever crap I could find. 2008-2011: Schecter C-1 Hellraiser guitar, B-52 LS100 and LS412A Half Stack, Digitech Metal Master distortion pedal, Boss Phase Shifter, Boss Gigadelay, and whatever else I can find free or cheap. 2011-2012: Switching between too much gear, as I haven't lived in the same place for long enough to keep things consistent. 2012-2013: Same as 2008-2011 but with other various distortion pedals and a Vox Valvetronix amp. 2014-: Gibson SG, Rat, Big Muff, B-52 halfstack, whatever else needs to be used.
Anything else?
Check out more of my pages on Bandcamp http://satansbasement.bandcamp.com/ Facebook http://artist.to/satansbasement/ MySpace http://www.myspace.com/satansbasement http://hildsvfar-records.freehostia.com/ http://www.soundclick.com/satansbasement http://www.last.fm/music/Satan INVALID s+Basement This is my old official website that I hardly ever update anymore. http://hildsvfar.tripod.com/home.html I'd say stick to the Bandcamp, Facebook, and Hildsvfar Records sites for anything.
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