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Jennifer Renee
Jennifer Renee
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Sultry female vocals meet driving beats, catchy hooks and lyrics with a message.
Since her early years in rural Michigan, Jennifer has been a powerful, original force in music. A pianist and aspiring vocalist by the age of 11, she had an innate sense of her calling. At 15, she traveled to Nashville to record a demo and followed up with a half-hour local radio interview. By 16, she was writing lyrics reaching far beyond her experience, and her teenage years were spent learning how to use a computer mixing program to record her first songs. After her first year of college at Central Michigan University, Jennifer moved to Boston to further her knowledge at the Berklee College of Music. During her stay in Boston, Jennifer logged over 100 hours of studio time, collaborated with countless other musicians, songwriters, producers and engineers, and provided lead and background vocals for other artists, both live and in the studio. She performed with rock singer/songwriter Robert Schilling at the Lion's Den and Acme Underground in New York City, and later provided improvisational background vocals for folk musician Conor McLaughlin at several Boston venues, including the Hard Rock Cafe, The Times, and the Boston Yacht Club. While attending Berklee, Jennifer was inspired by students of many different nationalities with diverse backgrounds and musical tastes, and studied everything from jazz, blues, and rock, to the music of South Africa and Brazil. With inspiration ranging from the laid-back grooves of Sade and Sarah McLachlan to the blues of Bonnie Raitt and electronic elements of Garbage, Jennifer leans toward soulful, driving pop/rock while embracing various aspects of all she has learned. In December of 2003, Jennifer graduated from Berklee with a degree in Professional Music and moved to the Los Angeles area to further pursue her career. She is currently working on new material and rehearsing for various live projects, including fronting cover band, Lazy Susan, and backing up rock singer/songwriter, Dina Gathe. With a new set of ideals and a broad knowledge of the industry, Jennifer is making a working career for herself without compromise to her character and hopes to inspire someone along the way.
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U2, Sarah McLachlan, Sade, Bonnie Raitt, Garbage, David Bowie, Alanis Morisette, Ben Folds, Melissa Etheridge, pop/rock, electronic, soul, R&B