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Dj Demoness
Dj Demoness
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sun karma, techno, electronica, house, trance, rave, ambient, model, actress
Convent of Sin
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Black Queen
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Photo used in icon courtesy of: diego-maenza (diego-maenza.deviantart.com/ entitled: "NEW BEGINNINGS - Lilith Rises - Full Demon Form") ****THIS MUSIC WAS WRITTEN IN 2004**** (and yes, one of them was top 50 on soundclick...) The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. -- Albert Einstein I'm an actress,model, I'm a writer, and I am a VERY eclectic person. I grew up in music. My uncle played music and wrote it. He played with BB King on occasion. My aunt is an opera singer. My other aunt was a much teacher and taught me how to play various different instruments (Flute, clarinet, etc) and piano. Ever since I could walk I used to get up and 'bang' on our family piano until finally my parents got sick of it and gave me lessons. I've been writing music off and on since I was a child. But just now decided to come back to it. "Musicians aren't born..they are made" (well, unless you are a prodigy) I was once told. You have to practice your art and practice and practice. Even then, you may not be good enough. I don't want to be good..I don't want to be great. I just want to have that freedom of expression to be able to CREATE. Sure, I can sing. I can mix and I love techno/house/trance. So that is what I'll be doing on this little spot. You can love it, you can hate it, You don't have to listen to it. But give me that opportunity to express myself. As far as who or what I sound like..I honestly change so much it is interesting. Some of these tracks have a jazzy feel to them (my influence as a child) others have heavy guitar- and some are straight hippy (devotional, for instance- is dedicated to the Hare Krishnas!). I'm a very eclectic person with my musical styles and I suppose that shows. I'm also an aficianado of movies and television- hence my music almost always has a clip of something here or there that inspired me to create it. Its like my 'signature'. I suppose if I had to break it down and force myself into a description- I would say the following people inspired me: Messiah (lord, whatever happened to them!), Prodigy, Moby, BB King, Mahalia Jackson, Kula Shaker, Brainclaw, Bally Sagoo, Rob Zombie,Genitortures, Lords of Acid (Praga Khan kicks ass), Absinthe and a hella lot of clove cigarettes! I hope that wasn't too eclectic for you- but I hate definitions!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Your musical influences
R&B, Motown, Jazz, Blues, Hip Hop, and of course- Techno (if its under 130 bpm..it's not going to work for me!)
What equipment do you use?
A computer and loops/tracks.Sony Acid studio, Reason music studio, bass guitar, Oxygen 8, voice effects, and a whole lotta coffee.
Anything else?
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