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Blackhole Inc
Blackhole Inc
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Blackhole Inc., technical thrash metal band from the Philippines (Bataan)
Peak position #30
Ahas 2006 Demo
Peak position #91
Self Destruct (Raw 2006 Recording)
Peak position #24
AHAS (Studio Recording - 2009 Demo)
Peak in sub-genre #67
PARANOIA (Studio Recording - 2009 Demo)
Peak position #99
We are Blackhole! a Thrash Metal Band from Bataan Philippines U Yeah!
Band/artist history
One of the most influential underground metal band at their hometown ORANI,BATAAN. Formed summer of 99 when two bunch of guys WELDAN MAGLONZO and JAMES DECENA ( former guitarists) planned to join a BATTLE of the BANDS in a near town fiesta. It was actually a colaboration of guys from different bands and music genre. REIZON and RJ came from a three-piece grunge group called "OUTCAST" also ERIC a former vocalist of an alternative rock band in his high-school years. It was then a challenge for the three to crossover from ROCK to METAL. One month of practicing and preparation, and the line-up were all set. APRIL 30, 1999 was their very first public appearance as BLACKHOLE joining the 1999 SK BATTLE of the BANDS at HERMOSA,BATAAN; fortunately with GOD's grace the group got their very first championship title. Numerous of line-up changes made but the group keeps its invinsibility. "We consider the group as a BROTHERHOOD and a FAMILY and we all do believe that's one of the key ingredients why the group still exists, still playing and keeps kickin' ass"... Due to personal reason; two original members left our band (james & weldan) then Rj, Erik and Reizon Continues their Enthusiasm to play and look for new band members to fulfill those vacated post! Then these Finest bataan guitarist steps inside our band and gives us more intense and more Metal Music and the key for us to start creating our own original music. They are: Joals Romero - Guitars Jayjay Nava - Guitars Tom Bruce Dela Rosa - Guitars Utmost Gratitude to our Sessionist: Larry Lagaria - Bassist Ren Perona - Bassist Janus Samson Gregorio - Guitars Hell Yeah! and now we are Blackhole Inc.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes, (Ironworks) Iron King Production (Gods of Metal Manila, Philippines) Death March Production (Bataan, Philippines)
Your musical influences
black sabbath, white room, judas priest, testament, iron maiden, van halen, queen, toto, mr. big, led zep, skid row, extreme, ac/dc, metallica, megadeth, pantera, rush, dream theater, stratovarius, adagio, spiral architect, symphony x, nirvana, silverchair, death, stanley jordan, kotzen, nuno bettencourt, steve vai, satriani, john petrucci, rusty cooley, micheal angelo, jimi hendrix, eric johnson, jaco, myung, les claypool, malmsteen, alvin de leon, akira jimbo, dave weckl, ulrich, tempesta, bostaph, dave grohl, sir mike portnoy, harley alarcon, robert dela cruz, michael alba, nick menza, sir vinnie paul abbott , nars francisco
What equipment do you use?
What you see in our gigs are what we only have...
Anything else?
freedom! respect! appreciate! explore!learn!...YEAH!...m/
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