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Harsh Brown Potatoes
Harsh Brown Potatoes
18 Tracks
Some people let society fart on them... We like to eat chicken!
Rocketship Boom Boom!
Peak in sub-genre #37
The Mighty Plant Pot
Peak in sub-genre #54
We are superpowers. We live in tree near lake and have many many talents! Doctor Adam Tabernacle Green (bass/guitar/vocals/drum/tambourine) Kris Daze (bass/guitar/vocals) The Pimp on Ice (keyboard) Lol (bass/guitar/tambourine - Pirates) Verne the Wonderslug (imaginary drums - Rock And Roll Shock Patrol) And Ma-Ti, with the power of Heart! GO PLANET!
Band/artist history
We lived outside for many years and we met a magic potato cow. We were blessed with fortune but were forced to walk the earth with strange powers Doctor Adam Tabernacle Green can lift a calculator with his little toe and once bent wood without breaking it. Kris Daze can listen to a ceiling fan for 3 days without stopping for a bathroom break and can chew aluminum step ladders The Pimp on Ice helps fire nails from a paintbrush with the help of his mighty SPAM can! Verne the Wonderslug can appear when Doctor Adam Tabernacle Green is drinking. Lol has no powers yet. He not from home country so we need bring him!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
One time we ate a live bear.
Your musical influences
Anal Cunt, Mozart, Chumbawumba, The Proclaimers, Donkey Kong, Bill Cosby, Luciano Pavarotti, Brett "The Hitman" Hart, Homeless People, Reba McIntyre, Rip Taylor, Pikachu, Grover Cleveland, Rick James, Ella Fitzgerald, Rusty nails, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Gwar, Rawg, Plastic Cutlery, Neil Diamond, Misfits, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Kotex brand tampons.
What equipment do you use?
We have truck to move us and instruments we play and things to record
Anything else?
We eat bread sometimes.
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