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king horrocores beat galaxy
king horrocores beat galaxy
532 Tracks
hardest beats u will ever hear in ya lifetime,and if u dont like em,FUCK U,yea sue me
new beat battle beat
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wouldnt mind
Battle of the ancients
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King of horrorcore in ya dimension..i got a different and fresh sound thats like no other..im known for using voice samples in ma beats and im affiliated with Ungerground souls..have my groups the Skull Squad and immortal Godz who are under my productions..i also got ties with some members of the wu-fam so shouts outs to my everyone who supports me..they know who they is no doubt
Band/artist history
i got no fucking history,im just the horrorcore king,my shadow alone will make u piss in ya pants in the dark fucker..i got my crew and the rosters are as is SKULL SQUAD Shadow-God invisible legendary assasin verbal flamez madlock aka the suspect mathmagician flip flop tha humour god lady blade black flame aka verb thu prolific wun IMMORTAL GODZ ice chamber x-desire Anglular velocty electro tha Wire god and o yea..fat shout outs to a group afiilated with my groups called the BLACK DUST supreme killa prophet stormy weather and offcourse im affiliated with UGS lyricist fireblaze lord aries sexy chica lord zero kutie pie archrealm architect and my production students are invisible legendary assasin Black flame Verbal flamez ice chamber mathmagicians and the suspect and my associates.mad shout out to all the killa beez and free killa sin and lord perb...and the whole hip hop academy
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Fuck that shit..i make my shit for the Gods that love grimey hip hop..that means the fans of all that commercial shit wont understand this..this is like an acid trip
Your musical influences
MOBB DEEP,GANGSTARR,EAST COAST UNDERGROUND,wutang,rza,killa beez,Soul kid klik,the whole staten island shit,west coast underghround,only crew left that keeps it real in the rap game suckers
What equipment do you use?
my mind and my genuis ability to turn everything to gold
Anything else?
yea,fuck killa 4 life,fuck any homo that dares come against me in ma journey to gain the jewels of the earth,devils get slayed and the truth gets displayed,if u a dumbass retard,u wont understand none of this shit and o yea,check ma favourite niggaz out nah mean,the elite on this shit,cats with the skill,all work no talk,definately grusome mcs and producers,make sure to pay em a visit no doubt,these are theyre pages www.soundclick.com/gonjasensai www.soundclick.com/mistafingazschizo www.soundclick.com/lordariesthawargod www.soundclick.com/haikifireblaze www.soundclick.com/scpfinest www.soundclick.com/buddaflowuh www.soundclick.com/kinghorrocoresbeatgalaxy www.soundclick.com/thelyricist www.soundclick.com/archrealm www.soundclick.com/crisdigital www.soundclick.com/lordzeropresents http://www.soundclick.com/bands/thearchitect.htm http://www.soundclick.com/bands/4/simpleandkillianzmusic.htm http://www.soundclick.com/bands/6/kuitypieproduction.htm
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