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Carol Sue Kirkpatrick
Carol Sue Kirkpatrick
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271 Tracks
Carol Sue Kirkpatrick & Friends A variety of original music.
We Can Do Better - featuring Mike Kohlgraf
GET OUT ft Abyss
Peak position #29
I Wonder ft. BigPete
Peak position #61
Still Waters ft. Ron Bowes
Today #89 in Folk Rock subgenre
Live For The Moment (revised 2014) ft. Joseph Rodr
Peak position #41
Medley ~ 16 Song Snippets ~ (original songs) featu
Band/artist history
"Carol Sue & Friends" A variety of original music I have done many solo projects, collaborations & co-writings. Songwriter, vocals, guitar & keyboard, etc... Hope you enjoy the music I enjoy writing a variety of music and doing online music collaborations! Songwriter singer, guitar and a little keys with a collection of over 300+ songs. Special Thanks Collaborations Vic Kirkpatrick, Sherry Garrett, Jo & Jessica Divine, EssenceCarEss Music, Joseph Rodriguez, Bilbozo-Bill Smith, Slap Johnson, Mack Sanders, Paul Birkett-Mr. DestriPbCsk Productions, Syngularity-Pascal Gregory, David C. Deal (myspace bud!), Doctor C., Rob Grant, Gary Carciiello, Farrell Jackson, StoneheadIan, Paul Tauterouff, Phildrummer, Drumadave, Peter Tamdog, Chris Georgiou, Bo Simmons, Gabriel Sabadi, Richard Gonzalez-Kephas, RedEyeC-Bob Forbes, Larry Talbot of TLT50-Wherewolf, Linda FryLyrical Princess, Andy-Mantrasolo, Mark Ellis, Andy Foyston-AndyF, Laurel Varner, Robert Beall, Dean R. Jutze, James McCormick-Kiopo- CarJam, Jennifer Rafferty, Dawn Sinclair, Saphfire, Jolee, Hans Mulders-Drainage/D-Connection, Phil McCormick, Steve Kinghorn of Ditheramb, Darren Winters-Mekanika, Rich Nerney-2Rain/2Rains, Steve Lindsay-Larry Lane Band, Tony Miller, pop, Mike Round-Mykyndryd, Gary Tucker, John Costa, Mark Holley, Phil Kink-2 Charlie, Jody Dickey, Bob B. Wolf, Alive, Dan Michaelson, James Oakwood, Iris Brickfield, Ron Bowes, Ricky Moore, Bubba Bobby Moore, Yvonne J, GaryRocker Hart, Lorne Reid8$ Rum, Daryl HoldenThe Abyss, Lonnie JeevesThe London Project, Don Carr, Josh Bennett, Mike Kohlgraf, Tony Cee, BigPete + The V.I.P.'s, Stephan Foster and more wonderful artists from across the world! Bless you all, I so love this journey and my band of friends! :) --(v)= Carol Sue Kirkpatrick Copyright words and music written & performed by Carol Sue Kirkpatrick. (unless otherwise noted within the song listing - I have had the honor to collaborate with so many in music) All rights reserved.
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