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It's R3d Al3rt
It's R3d Al3rt
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R3d Al3rt... Jae Havoc, Mono, Sinista, Bam, Doeboy... Reppin the tre fo... hip hop heads... that like street... gutta... hip hop
YO! Whats HOOD! This your boy Future aka Sinista Reppin R3dda WHAT WHAT... R3d Al3rt ya dig! You know.. same old same man, down here in the Tre Fo. I got my Boy JAE HAVOC here... the first guy I met at school that actually could spit, ya know? We were in the same class together and shit... just chillin and rapping every day... battling each other and shit. And BAM was in our class too... JAE and BAM they knew each other before i knew them ya know what i mean? So we all shared this little stupid tech math class and shit and we would be rappin instead of doing our work and shit. DOE BOY came in the picture that year but i didnt know of him though... he lived up the street from JAE and shit so you know... they were like brothers from another. MONO... thats my boy right there... I met him at school too... my senior year... he is sick with the free style game... if you listened to making the station on 102 jams you would have heard him... he is the 5th and final Member of the group.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yeah... we do some shows here and there... if your in the triad and you like us... leave me a message man... on the board on here... gotta sign up to do that shit though ahhaha... leave me a email address or something... ill get at you
Your musical influences
All the rappers man... you know you wanna be like them but be who you are... thats what we are trying to do... be original yet the same... because people love the shit that is happening right now... so... everyone from old school to new school... we love it!
What equipment do you use?
voice and note pad... we go to studios ... we dont own one
Anything else?
Halla at us man... leave us an email if you wanna just talk or whatever... let us know... I'm(sinista) willin to talk to yall man... i own this page so yall be coming to me and shit lol just hit me up... talk business or rap... just hit me up i got aim... yahoo and msn... just hit me up and ill give you the screen name
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