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Gachis Music
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I just got here..What u gonna be listening to is the RAPPER OF THE YEAR
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Band/artist history
(ENGLISH)(Espanol debajo) Francisco Antonio Marti Jr., best know as GACHIS, ''la maquina de escribir canciones''. I was born in Bonao, Dominican Republic in 10/18/1981. At the age 14, I was a Vico C fan; simply because he was the only one who reached the radio at that time in the Dominican Republic. The other one was ''El General'' from Panama but his style was more likely Jamaican reggae mixed with Latin music. I remember the first time I played Dj playero's music at home. My father beated me up and asked if I was crazy to listen to that kind of music because the message that underground delivered at the time was not well accepted all depend upon ones culture. I used to write songs but short simply because rap is not easy to compose. All the kids around my age started doing the same thing but it was all about free style, dizzying each other and joking around. My father wanted me to be a musician rather than a rapper as being a rapper was not important at the time. My father and my grandfather were teaching me music; how to read it and how to play instruments, until my father decided to leave the country in 1997. That was the end of my freedom. I was sent to my grand mother's house where I couldn't even turn on the radio. In the past I was modeling and dancing in groups. Therefore, I was an extremely popular figure in my home town as it was quite small. I was also in the entertainment environment but the art of writing and singing was always there waiting for me other than poetry. When Im writing songs I notice that my romantic songs come out better. In 1999, I started going to high school in the United States. One day I was in the school cafeteria looking at Dominicans, Boricuas and Panamanians free styling. It was pretty cool, everyone singing with different styles, thing that I never expected in this country. Suddenly, I joined them and started doing what I like to do. I was free styling rap, the Boricuas underground and the rest Panamanians just plena thats how the guys from Panama called their at the time years. Later in 2002, I started to download beats from the internet and started to write with a friend that was 6 years younger than me but he had enough skills to write a good song. We started recording with multimedia sound recorder just to have fun but that habit spread out so fast that other guys took it seriously and began to record in a house studio own by Makia; whos nowadays is my Dj. The guys who joined me were my brother Flex, Felino, Esequiel and some others that joined the fever of reggaetonmania. The group just kept on growing. We added other talents like Kino from Peru, Kabayon and me. Trying to take it the next level, I started singing hooks just for the group. My first song was ''Mercenaria'' followed by '' Muevelo shorty'' featuring Esequiel, and Niggaz like you'' that came out after issues with the group. Kabayon came out with the idea of forming a group called Los Zicarios. There I was giving the opportunity to sing hooks and improve myself rapping skills. We went parties, clubs, parks, basement parties all around not for the money just because we loved this and still love it. To be honest, we needed money to pay the Dj to fix the studio but it never happened. Other activities done by Los Zicarios were a variety of interviews and a tour to Dominican Republic; all this with no management. Unfortunately, I couldnt go to the Dominican Republic as I was attending college at that time. However, I get satisfy when I see people going crazy while ones sing. Its the best feeling in the world and those like my father who never liked the idea of me doing what I do now changed their mind, as well as their views towards reggaeton. Now he tells me to keep it up because he finally acknowledges that this is my life. Today, being a rapper is as significant as being any other type of singer/artist. At present time, Im not a Zicario because of personal issues. Although I devoted my life, and gave myself an opportunity with them, Im better by myself. Now I can do what my hearts tells me to do. After all, Im always here to help them in anything because they opened a window for me to go to the studio and show the world what Im capable of doing. My style varies from rap, reggaeton, hip hop, R&B and many others. God gave me the voice and the rapping skills to survive in this very demanding world. Nowadays other than singing, I go to college pursuing a degree in liberal arts willing to be a nutritionist and I have a have a good job too. (Espanol) Gachis Francisco Marti, conocido artisticamente como Gachis''la maquina de escribir canciones'' naci en bonao republica dominicana el 18/10/1981 vine a los estados unidos a la edad de 17 años en 1999 .la primera vez que empece a escuchar reggaeton o underground fue en los 90s cuando playero y Vico C estaban en su apojeo siempre me gusto el genero.aunque tenia problemas para escucharlo en casa por el contenido que tenia en ese tiempo mi papa me botaba las cintas porque el cd no era muy popular esos dias. A la edad de 13 o 14 años empese a escribir pequeños versos porque los muchachos del barrio querian ser rapero y era algo no muy comun en un pais merenguero porque la bachata era undergroud tambien por su contenido, siempre tube la virtud de rimar porque era estudiante de musica aunque nunca pude ser musico y me guastaba escribir y lo sigo haciendo.mis influencias fueron Baby rasta y Gringo desde the noise y unos de lo que le mucho aprecio son Nicky jam y Don omar pero Don omar es mas contemporario.en la escuela me la pasaba en competencia de free style con los panameños en la escuela secundaria.luego conoci unos muchachos que estaban grabando en un pequeño estudio casero en Brooklyn.NY.y siempre me buscaban por mi voz no porque rapiaba si no que me querian para sus coros,el tiempo paso y empese a sentirme comodo con la musica porque savia que la llebo en la sangre, con el tiempo me hicieron miembro oficial de Los zicarios con los cuales comparti la tarima e hicimos unas cuanta fiestas para recaudar fondos para un nuevo estudioy otras avtividades. Cante a duo con cabayon ''bailemos reggaeton mix2'' ,''felino ven y pegate'',travieso en ''bailemos reggaeton mix'' que recientemente son los que componenlos zicarios tambien cante junto a mi hermano flex en mi primera cancion donde se mezcla el ingles y español titulada ''niggaz like you'' y Esequiel en ''muevelo shorty'' que fue mi tercera cancion aparte de los zicarios entre otras mas los acompañe a entrevista de tv. Un dia deserte para hacer lo mio solo y darme la oportunidad de empesar con el repeo y los coros por mi mismo por la falta de comunicacion pero siempre estoy presente para ellos porque la musica es mi pasion,mi padre y abuelo y bisabuelo fueron musicos.como no pude cumplirle el sueño de ser musico estoy aqui para hacer algo por mi por ellos y mi gente, y decidi ser cantante, mi enfoque es el reggaeton,hiphopy r&b,especialmente la romantica en la cual puedo expresar mis experiencias de mi vida personal,y mi estilo de vida.recientemente soy un estudiante,trabajo hago ejercicio y llevo una vida ranquila escribiendo y buscando siempre un mensaje positivo para mis canciones.en un futuro ademas de ser cantante quiero ser nutricionista y como me gusta componer tamben quiero ser compositor porque me apodan Gachis ''la maquina de escribir canciones''en la cuales pongo todo mis sentientos y emociones olvidando las mala situaciones.y doy gracias a dios y a mi padres que nunca me dan la esparda cuando tomo deciones y a todas las personas que me aconsejaron para que siguiera en la musica.y mi hermano (Flex)que se ha retirado un poco de la musica pero siempre esta ahi cuando lo necesito y tengo planes en el futuro para el ya que es bueno en el genero del rap y grabamos una cancion juntos tiempo atras y lo haremos de nuevo.
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