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charlotte, NC  USA
June 08, 2006
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Bedrock Gospel is determined to embrace the glory of God. Our mission is to not be ashamed to bow in his presence, acknowledge his very existence, and seek for non-believers and pray for their repentance. Our goal is to work with various clients, bless many projects, and spread the word to the nation, not in the form of Godliness but to humble ourselves and seek his righteousness. Every project will be pray for and done under his anointing. In addition, to the vision we are a mouthpiece, angels with tambourines, and instruments with feet. We strive for excellence, continuous success so every knee will bow and every tongue confess
Band/artist history
Our approach May the work that we do speak for us Bedrock Gospel is motivated to be affective with an earnest approach. We desire to rest in the hearts, settle in there stomach and lay heavy on there mine by our delivery, way of walking and living. We determine to go boldly before the throne, ask God to speak a word, a rhema word where our lights will shine and the glory cloud will reveal itself. As we minister on stage, in churches, and on the streets our motives is not to bible bash, beat you over head yelling get save, get save, but only for you to believe that it’s because of Christ you move and breathe. It is because of Christ that we are even able to speak. It is because of Christ the wind blows and our heart beats. It is because of Christ and not you or me. Every chance and opportunity we get we desire to feed men and women spiritual and physical food and help them know its not about me but its about the Christ that liveth in me,” Christ the anointed me"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've had the opportunity to minister at various places. I truly enjoy it especially when souls are saved becasue the angels in heaven rejoices.
Your musical influences
Jesus Christ The anointing The power of God and his dwelling spirit
What equipment do you use?
The studios i've work in use logic cubase fruitty loops mpc protools
Anything else?
To God be all the glory
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