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CC Ward
CC Ward
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Subtropical Blues - an eclectic collection that ranges from blues to bluegrass, rock to roll, country to acoustic. Mostly featuring guitars and other musical s
Small Town Mind by Rosewood Creek
Colin's song Wish I'd Never was used as background music for a FOX TV show called The Good Guys. He has also placed songs in independent films and in radio advertisements. Colin has been a guitar player since he was 12 years old when his grandfather loaned him an ancient acoustic guitar of unknown origin. He has become a prolific songwriter in the last ten years.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
He is a member of the Blue Island Beer Club acoustic duo and the Rose Island Band. Colin has played at the Englewood Music Festival, at the Ford Amphitheater prior to a Jimmy Buffett concert, at the Bahamian Music and Heritage Festival, at the Gulfport Geckofest, at the Tampa Songs Music Festival and at the Gasparilla Marathon in Tampa.
Your musical influences
Eric Clapton, The Byrds, Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Jimmy Buffett, Neil Young, BB King, Pink Floyd, Jayne Kelli, John Kelly
What equipment do you use?
I use mostly Fender guitars and am very happy with my GD47SCE acoustic which is Fender's top of the line Korean built guitar from 2004. I usually like my Stratocasters and Fender Twin Reverb amp for electric applications but I have a Gibson Les Paul and a Telecaster that are fun too. Recording is done at home using Reaper.
Anything else?
My music has its roots in the seventies. I hope it is melodious and has a hook. All of the instruments are real and are played by me (with the exception of a couple of drum samples). Lovers of electronica, hip hop or strange sounds are going to find my music old fashioned and boring. I hope the rest of you like it!
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