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A broken man sings broken songs, a sad man sings sad songs, a nervous man sings nervous songs, a happy man sings happy songs, and a Nemphusi man sings Nemphusi
Nemphusi is an experimental attempt at instinct driven music, what you're going to hear aren't exactly pop songs, or folk songs, or blues, or rock songs, although they have elements of each in various moments, but instead the artist's attempt at conveying an emotion through music and words in an impromptu recording session. All sounds are made with a guitar, voice, and audio editing equipment on the artists' PC. No other people are involved as of yet, though that doesn't mean that there neccessarily won't be.
Band/artist history
Nemphusi started recording late last year and has developed several different styles of music. Trash Rock, Trash Folk, and Trash Blues. He has been experimenting with each deeply and has been posting some of what he believes to be the best of his work on different online sites. Since he has begun he has recieved little attention, but feedback, though somewhat mixed, has been mostly positive. He considers this to be his germination period.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
At the moment none of Nemphusi's songs are capable of being played live, often times the artist doesn't even remember what notes he played during each song, as each piece is a wholely improvised work, each piece is an original, and is difficult to duplicate, however, the artist is working on ways to adapt his pieces to fit a live format.
Your musical influences
Nemphusi has looked to a wide array of artists for his musical inspiration. He considers Son House and Skip James, older blues masters, to be particularly fascinating, along with Jandek, a contemporary artist operating out of complete seclusion. More noticeable names that one might recognize, which have impacted Nemphusi deeply would be Neil Young, Beck, Talking Heads, Tom Waits, and Frank Zappa.
What equipment do you use?
Nemphusi has limited himself mainly to using either an old Gremlin acoustic guitar, or a Squire electric guitar, occaisonally he has been known to introduce keyboards, though, and he has recently added a bottleneck slide to his repetoir. For recording Nemphusi relies on a five dollar microphone a friend lent him, and a free program he downloaded off the internet called Audacity.