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OH Napier
OH Napier
In The Land of 666
Having the time of my life making this album. These are songs about my life, people and culture I live with here in the Ky hills. www.ohnapier.com
Release date: June 2006
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You Might Be A Star
Wrote this song many years ago when I was living with my Grandma. Happiest days of my life but I thought it would last forever and in a way it has. Took this pic of Steven Segal when he came to my town (Jackson, Ky) for movie. Fire Down Below
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She's My Lady
I wrote this song June 9th 2006 I just got my guitar out and told my little Lady to sit down I had just wrote a song and I wanted her to be the first to hear it. The words of this song tells of the love in my heart for ~browneyes~
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Promise Land
This song is for the ladies out there who are unhappy in their own home. There is a Saviour out there. You just have to get out into the world and find him.
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Johnny My Friend
Johnny is buried in the family graveyard right behind us. Enlarge picture and take a good look at the Hanging Rope. This is how we deal justice and we don't have to go far to bury them. John died around the age of 20. He is still alive in my heart.
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Granny Get Your Clothes On
Three ladies with beautiful legs wearing black nylons with just me getting high on weed in the back of my new white Limo. What a Dream I had last night.
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Joe Mike Allen
Joe Mike Allen was the name of the KSP that arrested me (DWI) the night I wrote the song in the Breathitt county jail. Has a great message for all drivers esp. the younger generation. Remember "Son, don't drink while you drive"
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The Outlaw Song
Song tells about an outlaw on the run trying to get to Mexico and he knew he was not going to make it. Picture of my first cousin Virgil (Butch) Napier- outlaw- taken 7-9-2006. He is more like a brother. 7-30-06 #1 Country & Western Chart
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Without You
9-12-2006- Today I change this song back to the normal recording same way it was the first time I added it to Soundclick. It is #6 on the charts and has stayed in top 10 all the time. Many people have ask me to put it back to it's original form.
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My Guitar Has Broken Up My Home
Wrote this because my grandma had to leave our home because of my rowdy ways yrs ago on a Grey Hound- never took me long to head North and bring her back
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Tubby - Final Four OR Hit The Door
9-12-06- Song is on CBS SportsLine.com, kentuckysportsradio.com and deadspin. Sure getting lots of National attention. Simple message of how many UK Basketball fans feel. Tubby-Final Four OR Hit the Door. Shirt made Special by UK fan in Lexington
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House of The Rising Sun
7-30-06- redone this song for Mike Fugate you see in the picture. He died couple months back. He loved this song as he was a lover of many women, dranked the hard stuff and was a full time gambler. Here's to u buddy. OH
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Humpty Dumpty
Taking a trip without leaving the farm. Nice day out there in the world. We have a big War to be proud of. For us Americans let us Remember Humpty Dumpty that sit on the wall. Hope America does not fall. OH
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This Road I'm On
Song about my thoughts of my life as I have been through several strange and bad moments like having three men shot to death in front of me or at my home. I have seen a lot of this in my life as death loves to follow me around.
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Darkness Of The Night
This is a song about the dangers that lurk in the darkness of the night and that we all should be careful in the dark when we cannot see what is around us. On the other hand darkness is the best time to slip around with a married lady.
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