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Electro artist from minneapolis. Amdeide is a unique blend of electronic music combing together the styles of EBM, electro, techno + industrial with tasteful
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Amdeide is a unique blend of electronic music combing together the styles of EBM, electro, techno + industrial with tastefully mixed guitars and male vocals. 2006 introduced Amdeide to the public arena with numerous live performances throughout the Mpls/St. Paul metro area. Amdeide strives to again strengthen the deeply rooted Tekno and EBM mind body soul spirit of the twin cities past present and future. Amdeide live is: Brian Terhark-vox, synths. Jonh Lecher-guitar. Shane Forde-synths. Various merchandise available @ http://www.cafepress.com/amdeide
Band/artist history
Amdeide began as the personal music project of Brian Terhark in 2005. In 2006 Amdeide began performing live in the Twin Cities beginning with their debut performance on Jan. 26th 2006 at Bryant Lake Bowl Theatre. Amdeide has since performed with acts such as De/Vision, Necessary Response, Psychlon Nine, The Gothsicles, NullDevice, Dissociate, Stellar Vector, GNP, and others.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
at this time we play the minneapolis/st paul metro area with intent to spread out to the local surrounding states. audiences have been very receptive to our sound and a tour may be in the works.
Your musical influences
Inspired by the works of Rotersand, Mind.In.A.Box, KMFDM, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, New Order, The Cure, Depeche Mode, X Marks the Pedwalk, VNV Nation, and Nitzer Ebb and various synthpop, hard trance, tech-house, punk and electro.
What equipment do you use?
hardware: roland jp-8000, virus c, ensoniq sq1+, esi-4000, roland m-vs1, oberheim matrix-6r sequencer: logic plug-ins: battery, sr-202, cm-505, vanguard, blue, ms-20, polysix, wavestation, es1, esm, esp, fm7, cs-80v, absynth, exs24, others... guitar: gibson les paul studio bass: peavey foundation s
Anything else?
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