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Hum The Singer
Hum The Singer
Exeter, United Kingdom
May 29, 2006
68,964 plays
I'm Hum and I LOVE music, I cant help it, its drug, an aphrodisiac. Soporific in its power, helps me stay awake and puts me to sleep. Its more powerful than the wind and more gentle than a babies sigh. It's my task, in this universe, to spread the knowledge of sound vibration as a force for good. To teach the unteachable, to spread chaos and love over the entire cosmos. I love to make peoples hair stand on end when I sing and if I can make someone happier with my music then I will die a happy man. My claim to fame is refusing a record deal with Virgin Records, and I'm bloody glad I did.
Band/artist history
I've been writing songs for twenty two years now and sold many albums while busking on the streets of Britain. I started when I was 15 but had classical training from an early age. I have played with Hawkwind on the travellers circuit as a guest and have played La Scala in Italy. Also played with Roy Harper in a field by accident on a hot july day in '86. The history of me is endless so I wont bore you with anymore details... Its the music, that will tell you all about me...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Back up on stage after a 3 year break yippee :-)
Your musical influences
Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Crass, Yes, David Bowie, Punk music, Classical, Jazz, Dance, to name but a bit of my influences.
What equipment do you use?
A guitar
Anything else?
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