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Dirty, alterna-blues/rock melodia...with a pinch of class...naughty class. I call it MellAggro.
01 - All Over the End
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04 - Ceeds and Weeds
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05 - Come and Go
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GEAREDMAH - "22" - Full Album
From the funk depths of Rontell 9 comes the mildly ticklicious sounds...of GEAREDMAH...enjoy in moderation so as not to build up an addiction or add extra pounds to your waistlines, as the music you are about to experience is extra, EXTRA PHAT. You have been warned-ed.
Band/artist history
The Gearedmah story begins long before it ever began...but that's neither here nor there, if you will...and it's definitely another story altogether. Sean Battle was born and raised in Oakland, CA. At the age of eight, this young soul was transplanted into the fertile soil of depression many refer to as Shreveport, LA. Not finding acceptance of his bi-racialism, the young man clung to his room like a security blanket. His older sibling, Keith, bought a guitar from one of those mail order catalogs and warned Sean never to play it...but when Keith bought a new amplifier.....and Sean heard distortion and effects live and in the house for the first time.....well....curiosity just took over. His first guitar was given to him from his now deceased and deeply missed friend, Travis Lout. Sean wrote a whole album the first week he had the guitar. Being self taught and 14 years old, needless to say the songs probably won't appear on any album in the future.....maybe....who knows....ha ha ha...no...they won't. He taught himself all the basic (and a few more complex chords) in a month. Scales and various other tricks would have to wait for lessons at age 16...but only able to afford a month's worth, he only picked up on scales and learned the names of that which he already new only by sound. Sean's first band was 6 Feet Under, which he was asked to joined when he was 14 by Travis. Much fun...much music...no gigs....no recordings...many memories. After less than a year of playing, the band parted ways. Hey...they were kids!!! Ya know? Still 14 and looking for someone to jam with....who calls up??? Looking for Sean's older brother??? Mr. Matt Hopper....ready to go do some drinking and catch a movie, but Keith was already out. Matt said what the hell and invited Sean instead. They had to swing by Matt's place to get something...Matt shows off his guitars....Sean picks one up and strums......Matt shows him a tune he had written....yeah strums that in repetitive fashion....Matt exits stage left....comes back eyes bulging and holding a piece of paper with lyric and singing words that fit perfectly to the music....the lyrics just fell out of a folder while Matt was....there's no nice way of putting it....while he was pissing. A new band was formed. Otis (OP) Clark joined in on the drums, and Scott McElwee joined on bass....much music....MUCH fun....much drinking....no gigs...a few recordings....new found intoxicants...but once again, the band parted ways. Artistic differences, you could say.... McElwee, Clark, and Battle reunited to form a trio which went by many names in the search of the right one. Bowling for Jesus, Homemade Sin, and a few others along those lines....but in the end, we just called it Six Feet Under.....it was a good name....it was one I (Sean) came up with.......it was better than Vicious Trix or MANY of the other we came up with. I moved to Michigan where I joined up with my brother, Keith, in a band called Sublimation...they friggin ROCKED....I was playing drums for them when I had a spiritual breakdown....I couldn't take it...things were freaked out in my head and I wanted to.....I don't know.....but I wanted to do it, ya know what I mean?? "Too much trippin and my soul's worn thin," is what Scott Weiland said....and how I felt, I guess. But, I sold almost all my gear...moved back down to Shitpot...I mean, Shreveport...sorry...and well...long story short, got my life back together, drank heavily, bought all new gear.....started playing music under the guise of Gearedmah....and met up with Matt Hopper again. Old times were new times...MUCH music...more than before....MUCH good times and vibes.....Zygote was born. Dale Lily joined on guitar, bass, and vocals......Mike Hitt joined on the drums...both slid away, sadly. Dale slid into Kringe ....and Mike into obscurity??? But Zygote pulled through like always. We finished up Misconception in mid 2002. And that's pretty much the story here...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not recently...I play all the instruments in Gearedmah and that's kinda hard to do live. I'd like to get back into playing gigs, but right now I'm just writing and recording as much as I can
Your musical influences
Jimi Hendrix, Jane's Addiction, ALice in Chains, The Doors, Screaming Trees and Mark Lanegan, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Chris Cornell, They Might Be Giants, Zygote, Sublime, Kenny B. Rippsss, Specimen, Bob Marley, Tribe Called Quest...should I really continue?? Cause we'll be here for quite some time....
What equipment do you use?
I mainly use inexpensive equipment. A wise man once said, "It's not the gear you play...it's the guy (or gal) playing it"...I use alot of Behringer equipment (a B2 condensor mic, V-amp, and processors)...I play a Fender Squire Strat...a cheapy Ibanez bass...Rogue acoustic/electric...alot of stuff in my rig (guitars/bass/mixing board/etc.) came from pawn shops
Anything else?
I'm calling from prog...I've got 5...can you please hold??? (A nice message to leave on answering machines when you call random 1-800 numbers and get a machine). Napoleon Dynamite....enough said...what the heck are you even talking about???
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