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King Otterpop and the Slushtones
May 28, 2006
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Hey hey look over here it's the craziest sound since some hobo yelled "Football! Hail Mary! You get baptized in the water....by the Baptists!"
Band/artist history
It's long and convoluted. Our current lineup is as follows: Max Beckman - Guitar/Backup Vocals/Fluffer Tyler Moore - Bass/Programming/Remixing Ryan Humphrey - Percussion/Trombone Matthew Schultz - Trumpet/Heavy Lifting Michael Asmus - Trumpet/Surgery Patrick Holder - Trombone/Gay
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We frequent the local rock-taverns of Rossmoor/Los Alamitos because that's where we live (sans Max who has been exiled to the wastes of Garden Grove). We've headlined the Los Alamitos Talent Show two years in a row and it was amazing to see all the kids come out of the seats and dance....I (Max) got a stiffy.
Your musical influences
We started out as a cover band because we couldn't songwrite ourselves out of a wet paper bag. The roots still haven't strayed very far from the tree so we'll be using the crutch of covers for quite some time. That is unless some suit walks up to us offering a free meal at Denny's and fifty dollars in quarters. Then we'll write Scissor Sisters tunes till the cows come home. Until then we'll include a few covers in our set because that's all we know how to do. Songwriting goes as follows: we lock ourselves in Max's house for no less than eight hours, bicker for four, take a lunch break and then Matt licks some toads and comes up with a mind blowing horn part. Then we make a human sacrifice to Khorne, blood god, who bestows upon us the proper changes. Mike Asmus usually gets axed first. At some point we're hoping Khorne either gets us some label backing or makes David come back.
What equipment do you use?
Max - Gibson SG, Tyler's plethora of stomp boxes, and a Fender Hot Rod Deville that needs new tubes really bad Tyler - Fender Japan Jazz bass, voodoo cables, blistering fingers, Avatar cabinets that were bought off craigslist from a hobo for an ounce of coke that was more baking soda than anything Horn Section - I think they are sponsored by the element "Adamantium" The Jewdio - Adobe Audition 2.0, Tone Port DFT Studio - Adobe Audition 2.0, Reason 3.0, some mic that Free Jeff stole after playing a birthday party at the Long Beach Yacht Club
Anything else?
The Merzbow influences are slowly creeping in.
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