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AriElla MaRia
AriElla MaRia
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Techno trance opera,
... What to say of AriElla MaRia ... She is a blend of styles and the perfect mix of class and new trends, It has been a real pleasure to work with someone as professional as she is ... When I was approached by AriElla and another great composer Mr. Paul David Cajas about producing this album, I was not that interested, mostly because I did not hear her sing before, but as soon as she opened her mouth and this huge voice came out of it ... I did not have to think twice about it, I was hooked! During the Production of "My Terms" there were days that we worked non stop for over 14 hours and she always kept a smile in her face and a pleasant attitude... Is rare to come across an album as the one we have achieved with AriElla, "My Terms" is a musical trip were she leads us with her talented voice from Dancing with Mozarts I come alive which is a Dance-Techno-Trance arrangement based on the score of REQUIEMS 7th movement Lacrymosa in it's original language "Latin" to the highest stages of owe with a prayer in Hebrew and some love songs in Spanish and English. AriElla is definitely going to become a classic! Alane Gabriel Singer, Composer, Producer.
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