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Rocwell (FL)
Rocwell (FL)
6 Tracks
Rocwell, lead artist of Renaissance Records (Orlando, FL) is holding down the south as the new breed/next generation breakthrough artist in the world of hip hop
ROCWELL, truly one of a kind, down south mentality and swagga, East coast influence, born to a hustla, life of a warrior and a breath of fresh air. Keep your eye on him, we will see him again and again, only a matter of time.
Band/artist history
Born in the deep south, the world views this attached island as a sunny, vacation spot of America, we in the 'gun down state' consider this home and the birth place of Rocwell (da hustla) as you'll soon learn more about him. Surrounded by bass music and booty shaking rap acts, Rocwell born, Titus Dillard, Jr., followed a different tune. The roots of Hip Hop itself, through East Coast music caught his attention and with these roots developed an artist like non other. One main thing you'll notice first and foremost is his height, standing an inch taller than the GAME and almost brothering Snoop Dogg and Slim Thug, at 6ft.7inches, he towers over a crowd and demands respect as his message filled voice speaks through his experiences. With the energetic and charismatic southern slang, flows a East Coast oriented vocal combination of well written lyrics to give you the marketable vibes of the one and only Rocwell. With goals and visions to establish and create an avenue for Florida to finally get its well awaited credit, Rocwell is determined to be successful through his plans, contributions and hard work. To carry Florida on his back is a huge task which will take much effort, the right team and an unbreakable gameplan- which his experiences and resources, drive and competitive spirits should be enough to allow a decent chance at conquering his goals and if successfully carried out, many eyes and ears will be tuned into these wetlands where so many inspiring artists of many genres lay hoping to make it one day, but the lack of resources, label support and marketability cripples the growth and potential dreams are shattered through times. With songs like "Lambogenidoze"-Chevy Anthem which declares FLA as the Chevy capital of the world and how they trick out any make/model of Chevy for street credibility, Rocwell's commercial appeal is attractive to all listeners; with follow up bangers like "My World", "Our House" which reminsces on the good ol' days, and "Good Music" which is an MTV Unplugged type setting with musical contributions from Grammy nominated producer Bill Hamel (Sunkissed Records) and strings by Mike Setton. But don't get it twisted, his hardcore, underground roots come out in tracks like "Live My Life", N.I.G.G.A feat. Swamburger, and "U Don't Really Know Me" which defines a part of who he is as a human being. With such creativity, diversitility and lyrical ability, one can only imagine the career of this youngster to come and the opportunities to follow after the successes are reached. Don't miss out on history in the making and definitely keep your eyes and ears focused for its not often that a thorough bred emcee, business man and leader of a new school comes through and lends a hand to evolving the music that we've enjoyed through the years and look forward to enjoying for many more to come.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Live performances are so crazy. From the south so we gotta give you the illest shows. Play alot here in Central, FL, but travel and will go wherever need calls: Providence,R.I.,ATL,TN,New Orleans, MIA,Tampa, Sarasota (hometown),China, NJ,NY,Boston, Cali (what up),and hopefully in your local area next. Probably the most exciting show was on stage with Trina, (USF campus), with 20,000 folks in the crowd, never felt so high and gotta get to that point again in my career. Most embarrassing, was rocking show in Tampa, and tripped over monitor, bust my ass in front of 3,000 people, but shook it off, and murdered the rest of performance. Damn monitor!
Your musical influences
Influences come from personal experiences, which are my best teachers, the knowledge that is within and through insight from GOD above. I've seen so much shit from an early age that before my days are up as an entertainer, you will have visioned one avenue or another and through my efforts I hope to reach and inspire the world to do as I did, do or better. Gotta live it up. Musically, from Florida, but didn't follow the 'booty shaking' era, was more interested in East Coast music as it said and meant more, which I use as my foundation when I speak through my music. "ELEMENTS"- motivated by Whodini, Run DMC, Slick Rick, Doug E.Fresh, Big Daddy Kane, Kool Moe Dee, MC Lyte- then grew into ICE T, DAS EFX, CL SMOOTH/Pete Rock, Pharcyde, ONYX, Diamond D (remember him),LL (when he was gangsta), which led to Busta Rhymes, Jay Z, Eminem, Biggie, PAC, MA$E, Snoop, Scarface, Outkast, Dungeon Fam',WU (was one of the 1st to blast Wu in Sarasota, niggaz was talking about, who playing the Ku-fu rap, lol), LOX, Beans... I could go on. Don't necessarily take anything from others, just like the energies at times, and try to take what I like about this and do me, which makes or allows me to be creative through my own created energies. Word of advice to any inspiring emcees, BE YOURSELF, don't be afraid to say what you feel and what you want to say or do or be, don't be scared to get personal, people like that shit, be honest, and have some substance or elements in your music for longivity, not just for the sake of making or selling music. If so don't consider yourself a professional, do it as a hobby and keep it there. BE!
What equipment do you use?
My mind is the engine, my hands get the job done, eyes see through the bullshit, mouth is the bread winner, ears lead me through the dark, feet walk me to the top and heart is my fuel. What else do I need!?
Anything else?
www.myspace.com/rocwell www.cdbaby.com/cd/renaissancerecs2 www.cdbaby.com/cd/renaissancerecs www.cdbaby.com/cd/rocwellsilk Check for ya' boy!
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