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BUMP 211
BUMP 211
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Artist Organized Art releases BUMP. Documented for the first time on Compact Disc, BUMP performs live Dec 1, 2005 at CMS Studios NYC courtesy of Artist Organize
BUMP:The Everyday Pleasures Of Love
Band/artist history
For Immediate Release Contact: bump@artistorganizedart.org NEW YORK CITY, December 1, 2005--Artist Organized Art releases BUMP, "The Everyday Pleasures Of Love." Documented for the first time on Compact Disc, Bump performs live December 1 '05 at CMS studios NYC courtesy of Artist Organized Art. The release is a truth recording resulting in a 7-track album running over 40 minutes. BUMP is a prime example of a change sweeping the music scene. "The band members do not speak one to the other. After over two years, they have only recently disclosed their names. There is little known about any of them. One described the band as a collection of strangers." BUMP states their goal is to one day play a wedding. They seek to swap audition tapes with professional club date bands who would "help" them pass. Personel: GLOVE: Guitar, Bass. Michael: Guitar, Bass. Tom: Percussion.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, NYC, Yes, Yes
Your musical influences
African Cores Ahlam: Revolt Against Reason Susan Alcorn: Mandala Laura Andel: Electro Percussive Orchestra Albert Ayler Derek Bailey: Improvisations 1975 Bombay the Hard Way Carla Bozulich/Ches Smith: Pull Handles Up Not Out Anthony Braxton Solo The Music of Earle Brown BUMP: The Everyday Pleasures of Love Bus Ratch Butch Morris' Conductions: "Sucht Lust" Camera Lucida: Sonochemical Observatory Coptic Light by Morton Feldman Miles Davis: On the Corner (Live) The Music of James Dillon The Music of Tod Dockstadter The Music of Iancu Dumitrescu Ethiopia: The Golden Years of Modern Music Ethiopiques Exotica/Lyric Fontana Mix - Feed by Max Neuhaus Fultro by David Fulton "Hit the Road" with David Grubbs "Hit the Trail" with David Grubbs The Music of Bernard Herrmann Erdem Helvacioglu Russell Hoban Jon Appleton/Don Cherry: Human Music InBox Deep Singh and Robert Thomas: Ish, Indian Classical Music A Journey That Wasn't: Pierre Huyghe and Joshua Cody Alan Licht presents the Music of Basil Kirchin Kalimantan Strings Korean Cores Peter Kowald and Damon Smith: Mirrors - Broken But No Dust Briggan Krauss: Object La Caldera LEMUR Jonathan Lethem Reads The Music of Roy Lichtenstein Lilith Stones London Musicians Collective: Guitar Soloists Masters of the Immersiverse: Francisco Lopez & Carl Stone Miya Masaoka: Works Old and New Mazk The Music of Ennio Morricone The Music of Gordon Mumma Musica Mathematica Negativland New Music from Austria: Bernard Lang New Music from China: Improvisation in Shanghai Tracie Morris: Neon Blue NU Os Mutantes The Music of Charlemagne Palestine The Music of Harry Partch Steve Peters: In Memory of the Four Winds Phonomena: DJ Olive and DJ Toshio Steve Piccolo and Gak Sato: Airprints Steve Piccolo and Gak Sato: Expedition rothkamm: The Secret Doctrines of Pure Electronic Music The Music of Sasandu Michael J. Schumacher : Other Rooms Sinawai: Korean Shaman Music The Slipstream Elliott Sharp: Calling Elliott Sharp: Electroacoustic Music, Volume 1 Elliott Sharp: Electroacoustic Music, Volume 2 Elliott Sharp: Radio Hyper Yahoo Howard Shore Carla Bozulich/Ches Smith: Pull Handles Up Not Out Peter Kowald and Damon Smith: Mirrors - Broken But No Dust Gary Smith: Solo Guitar - 12 Improvisations Sun Ra: The Kahoutek Concert James Tenney James Tenney: Stan Brakhage's Interim Traveling Through the Jungle: Afro-American Fife and Drum Bands Edgard Varese, conducted by Pierre Boulez Stephen Vitiello: Bounce Kacy Wiggins Robert Pete Williams: Free Again Iannis Xenakis: Early Electroacoustic Pieces Iannis Xenakis: Persepolis Michiyo Yagi
What equipment do you use?
Power trio Guitar Bass Drums