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Norman Warren
Norman Warren
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22 Tracks
Jazzy, Ambient,Chill, Soundtracks, Dance,Breakbeat, Bustbeat, Vocals, Instrumentals, Experimental, Electronica, Lounge.
Band/artist history
I love listening to and composing music, especially in the Jazzy, ambient, bassy, beat, string genre. I prefer to create compositions with no fixed boundaries. My mother played all of the sophistocated jazz/vocals classics of the 50's and 60's, along with those Hollywood musicals, I was fascinated by Fred Astaire...those beats and his incredible timing! I was soaked in all the color of Piano/Guitar/Strings and Syncopated rhythms. From then on I began messing about on Guitar and Piano at school. After seeing Enter the Dragon in the early seventies with Lalo Schiffrin's classic film score, I was hooked on the style and feel of his music. I have my sister to thank for introducing me to Burt Bacharach's beautiful compositions. With the explosion of Disco, Funk, and Jazzfunk..it was a great time to be involved in the club scene. The first live band I saw was Betty Wright and the Cleanup men around '75, I was in my element! Enter the eighties....I bought an Ensoniq SQ1 and an Atari 1040 ste, along with stiff fingers and plenty of passion and ideas, I got busy using the one and only Emagic Creator/Notator sequencer, in my opinion one of the best music software platforms of that era.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Your musical influences
Burt Bacharach Lalo Schiffrin Bob James Andreas Vollenweider Quincy Jones Herbie Hancock Weather Report Jaco Pastorius Pat Metheny Frank Sinatra Irving Berlin George Gershwin Count Basie Cole Porter Everything Motown George Benson Spyro Gyro George Duke The Brothers Johnson James Brown Ralph Towner Lee Ritenour Stanley Clarke Bill Laswell The ECM label Kool and the Gang Rose Royce Brass Construction Marvin Gaye Gill Scott Heron Artie Shaw Robbie Vincent The Beatles Ray Charles Disco Funk Jazz Funk The Orb Bootsy Collins Sting
What equipment do you use?
Ableton Live 9 Suite, Push2+APC 40 +iMac and Macbook pro. Yamaha keys.
Anything else?
Tea and Toast.
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