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Michael Simpson Jr
Michael Simpson Jr
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Hey yall, i'm Michael! I actually have old songs on here and will not be taking them down, BUT I am going to start putting new ones up...it's been a while since I been on here, but I am just now having the time to really dig into this side of my work. So thanks in advance for giving me a chance:0) Michael
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah, I play all the time, whenever, wherever...sometimes you can catch me in Hollywood Venues, sometimes you can catch me on the Santa Monica pier or the streets of Hollywood just playin' for crowds:)
Your musical influences
I am a melting pot of sorts. I listen to everything from Jon B to John Mayer, from Michael Jackson to Prince, from Josh Groben to Say Anything. From Smashing Pumpkins to Silverstein. Literally any and everything. Some people you should look up if you REALLY wanna know what gets me going...Svoy...he is an AMAZING artist...you can find him on myspace.
What equipment do you use?
Everything. My keys are generally a baby grand to a Motif 8 to an Oasys...my strings are generally everything from Fenders to Johnsons, and my programs of choice are Logic, Pro Tools, and Fruity loops