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Juliana Novo
Juliana Novo
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Noctis Notus front woman and Crucifixion BR drummer. Also Dremora former singer and Lamented Despondency former female singer.
Noctis Notus Front woman and Crucifixion BR left-handed drummer.
Band/artist history
My name is Juliana Lopes da Mata Novo, born in 25.01.79 in a seashore city named Rio Grande, currently I live in Porto Alegre, RS/Brazil. I used to work as a Delphi & Oracle PL/SQL Developer, nowadays looking for another computer job while I don't reach my goals as a musician. My ancestry is a mix of british and portuguese. As for my personality, I could say I'm a persistent person with a huge sense of justice and sometimes a brutal honesty, yet keeping a good sense of humour. I fight for my goals and don't give up easily. Always learning from my past and evoluting while revoluting. During the year of 2005, I've acted mostly as a Mezzosoprano in the Symphonic Choir of OSPA (Symphonic Orchestra of Porto Alegre). I've performed in works by Gustav Mahler, Felix Mendelson Bartoldy and Giuseppe Verdi. In the same year I joined a Nightwish/After Forever cover band as the vocalist. We had some gigs in 2005, you can watch some old videos on You Tube. In January 2006 they came to an end. In November 2006 I became the lead singer of american symphonic metal band . We released an EP in August/2007 named 'Martyrs'. In the beginning of December/2007, Dremora decided to part ways. In May 2008 a song from Martyrs EP is featured alongside After Forever, Epica, Agua de Anique on "A World Of Sirens" 2 CD's compilation released by in cooperation with Nuclear Blast, Ascendance Records and other labels. In June, another song from Martyrs EP is featured in the compilation CD "Ferocity and Femininity", produced by . If you're interested in 'Martys' EP, drop me a line. In January/2008 I was invited to sing in the doom/death metal project from Slovakia. In April 2008 I quit the project. . I'm currently working with on our debut EP named 'The Hateful Hours', stay tuned!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've played live as drummer with 'Crucifixion BR' since 1999, and have played also as the frontwoman for 'Noctis Notus' around the south of Brazil. I actually had and still have great moments with both bands. Although the best time is when I'm on stage acting as a frontwoman, where I can express myself and interact with the crowd.
Your musical influences
My inspiration for singing came from numerous Metal voices in bands such as Iron Maiden (Bruce Dickinson, Blaze Bayley), Black Sabbath(Dio, Gillan, Ozzy), Metallica, Megadeth, Tarja Turunen, etc. I've been into Metal since I was 14, my first Metal album was the Black Album by Metallica, followed by the album Arise by Sepultura.
What equipment do you use?
Samson condenser mic in studio, Leson SM58 on stage.
Anything else?
Pursue your dreams and fight for the things that you believe in!!! Listen always to your heart.
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