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Shane O'Brien and O'Brien's Edge
Shane O'Brien and O'Brien's Edge
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Americana in it's truest form. Blues Rock add Original Funk attitude. Current Cd Releases are available at www.cdbaby.com/cd/shaneobrien or the official OBRIES
Band/artist history
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Doug Deutsch Publicity Services Ph: 213.924.4901 January 2006 bluzmon@sprintpcs.com SOUTHLAND-BASED BLUES SINGER-SONGWRITER/GUITARIST SHANE OBRIEN Recently nominated in the Best Male Guitarist and Best Blues Group/Artist categories for the 2005 All Access Magazine Music Awards, the largest awards show of its kind in Southern California, Shane O'Brien is a Southland-based singer-songwriter/guitarist with over twenty years of writing, producing, mixing, recording, and performing experience. He has performed for enthusiastic fans at such notable venues as The Bitter End in New York City; The El Mocambo in Toronto, Canada; and The Warner Grand Theater in his hometown of San Pedro, CA. O'Brien's musical style is best described as "West Coast Blues with an East Coast Rock Attitude, blended with Americana and shades of Alternative Country, blues, folk, and rock." To date O'Brien has recorded twenty-four CDs. Disc Packages are made available at live gigs or direct contact with various web sites. OBrien, who fronts the group OBriens Edge, has been featured on the MO POWER TV SHOW in Long Beach, and also has been both interviewed and performed live recently on KUCI-FM (Irvine), THEPRIMESPOT.ORG (Long Beach), and the NEW ARTIST SHOWCASE. Additionally, reviews are upcoming in BLUES BYTES, BLUESROCKERS, GUITAR 9, and ALL ACCESS MAGAZINE. O'Brien is fond of his guitars ('62 Fender Stratocaster; D28 Martin; Gibson B.B. King 'Lucille' model; 1977 Takamine Nylon Classic) as well as his vintage amplifiers, recorded dry. Born in Canada, O'Brien is now a proud U.S. citizen working as a Journeyman Union Ironworker for Local 433, Los Angeles. He completed his apprenticeship while assigned to the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro. "Oftentimes I write songs about the challenges of living in a world that is so busy and challenging that it has inherited a cold, rough way of survival, O'Brien says of his latest CD, The Genuine One. I 'feel' this music. I sing and play music that expresses a euphoric joy that words truly cannot describe, through personal rhythms and unpredictable melodies." O'Brien's studio is known as The Jungle. "The name came from my union brothers working on the Vincent Thomas Bridge overhead; at that time my studio was a converted 34-foot sailboat docked adjacent to the Bridge in San Pedro, says O'Brien. I'm in awe and I feel truly blessed for welcoming so many uniquely talented musicians that join me and play music in The Jungle. The end result is truly magic." O'Brien's Edge was formerly known as Shame, Shame, Shame. O'Brien lists among his influences Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, Neil Young, B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, J.J. Cale, and local favorites Tony Sena, Danny Timms, Jimmy Solo, Eddie Estudillo, Stu Heydon, and the writing style of Hoopa Johnny C. Ricker. Contact Information: Jungle Music Productions P.O. Box 1668 San Pedro, CA 90733 (310) 832-2430 sssjungle@sbcglobal.net www.obriensedge.com Personal Management: Pasquale Philly Cudemo Hermosa Beach, CA (310) 782-4386 Media: Doug Deutsch Publicity Services North Hills, CA (213) 924-4901 or (323) 500-6429 bluzmon@sprintpcs.com WHAT THE MUSIC MEDIA ARE SAYING ABOUT SHANE OBRIEN Tom Branson, respected Editor of WWW.BLUESROCKERS.WS (December 2005): Canadian-born Shane O'Brien is a San Pedro, California-based singer/songwriter/guitarist whose work is reminiscent of a time when musicians were regular working class people armed with only an instrument of choice and something of substance to say O'Brien's approach to music is raw and honest; simple and straight-forward; genuine and emotional, which I would guess mirrors his approach to life in general. By day, he is a Union Ironworker (Local 433, Los Angeles) rubbing elbows with America at the very ground level. By night, he is somewhat of an urban troubadour traveling from place to place with guitar in hand and songs about life in his heart. This is American rock music performed by someone to whom a lot of Americans should identify. Jim Santella in SOUTHLAND BLUES (November 2005): OBriens dedication to melody makes for a beautiful ballad and a lovely folk song. With his faster, hard rock selections, the scene shifts, and his voice burns with intensity. Photo by Ray Carofano raycarofano.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Lately our performances has centered throughout Southern California. Last month we played a sould out show @ The Walt Disney Concert Hall, LosAngeles. Every Tuesday We host an "Improptu Acoustic Jam" in San Pedro,CA.@ Sacred Grounds Coffee House:(31) 514-0800. 8pm-11pm
Your musical influences
Bob Dylan, Dr. John, John Lee Hooker, Son House, Led Zeppelin, & Hendrix
What equipment do you use?
Various Fender & Marshall Amps. A 1962 Strat, a 1990 B.B.King "Lucille", a 1977 Takamine nylon sting and an early 80's Martin D28.
Anything else?
I like the fact that our music is "Original" and not anything like somebody elses. Not that it's somekind of Avant Gard Obscure new find or something. More like that this music is truelly relatable to the average listener and if not after the first listen through, then the second play through they're hooked. Wanting to hear the Variety of offerings of our 24 CD catalog.
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