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Lowest Hero
Lowest Hero
46 Tracks
17 songs
Ever that, The Real McCoy The music composed came from a church thought out standpoint. Sing, rap, speak poetry/spoken word, write or are inspired by the instrumental on the page make something out of what you can add. Send a link/copy of your finished work to the email address. seanflanders26@yahoo.com Want to find out a bit more about me, check out the Member Profile and please leave comments about the instrumentals, rate it and download some for me. Tranquility Lo-Hee
Band/artist history
I have been making music since the age of 11 when I first got introduction into music by being taught to play keyboards by my Music Teacher at the time and Mum. As I grew older I started to come up with my own little melodies and songs. At around the age of 19 i was introduced into music production by a friend after he heard a composition I created on my keyboard. I have been able to read and write musical notes, I have a good ear and solid creativity that surprises me when playing the instrumental back. I decided to studied at City of Westminster College in Paddington Green doing a City and Guilds Sound Engineering Course. This course really gave me my first push to make music a prospect to be happy and feel alive. I studied at this college for a year completing City and Guilds Sound Engineering Course Part 1 with a distinction grade and City and Guilds Sound Engineering Course Part 2 with a merit grade. Playing and creating music is a passion that has not gone since first repeating my first melody on a Organ. In 2006, music took a back seat to my effort of earning a living and building a career in I.C.T. and making myself a Microsoft Certified Professional Systems Administrator and having a successful career. In 2011, the name for myself as an artist titled The Lowest Hero rose up where a number of instrumentals and ideas with how to introduce the instumental's rose up. I started to upload them here on soundclick.com , I wanted feed back from the community about the instrumentals that were completed and the experimental sounds that was produced. Instrmental's we're created using Fruity Loops which there was no money to purchase. At times an electronic keyboard is used in the set up and each mouse click places every individual note on the desktop, which is time consuming, but builds patience. My main influences are from computer games, movie's, also artist as such as UK Underground Garage Producer Wookie, Rob Dougan and Timberland with an eclectic ear for genres like Alternate Rock, Gospel, Ska and UK Grime which is where most of the observations around music have been. I would say my style is non-conceptual. Listening to music brings happiness and is a good way to spending time.
Your musical influences
Stevie Wonder, Ludacris, John Powell, Wookie, Timberland, Samuel Barber, The Prodigy, Royksopp, Rob Dougan, Phillip Glass and Skunk Anansie. Theres more added everyweek.
What equipment do you use?
PC, Music Software and Speakers.
Anything else?
"A Wiseman does not burn his bridges.........................Unless he can part the water." By John Flanders - Dads Quote
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